Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tips in Making Easy Animation gif

In this tutorial shows how to create simple gif animations using Inkscape and Gimp, two very nice and free open source programs. Nothing big, but my first instructable, so don't be harsh;) Image below is the result of this tutorial, but you can make much more difficult animations when you master these programs. Example two is another animation i made in just a few minutes. It's very easy to do;)

step 1Beggining
1. Download both Inkscape and GIMP. 2. Open Inkscape, if you are not familliar with it, go through the tutorials, this will help you. 3. Draw the first frame of your anim…

step 2Changing the rotation center of the pendulum
Zoom in. Select the pendulum clicking it twice. Rotation arrows should appear on the edges of the border and a cross in the middle. That cross is the rotation center. You h…

step 3Saving first frame
Now zoom out and select the white rectangle in the back. Press File\Export Bitmap. A window will appear. Make sure that "Selection button is pressed, set the location and s…

step 4Create second and third frames
Saved? Ok, let's continue. Select the pendulum doubleclicking and rotate it rightwhile pressing ctrl. It will rotate at a fixed angle and now the second frame is done. Sele…

step 5Creating the gif
Open the GIMP. Drag the first frame onto the program's main window. It will open, as shown in the first image. Now check if the layers dialog is open. If it isn't, open it …

step 6Saving the gif
Press File\Save as..., select the file format as *.gif and press save. A window(1) should appear. Select "Save as Animation" and "Convert to indexed..." and press Export. A…

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