Wednesday, April 15, 2009

vista transformation pack 8.01 (from xp to vista)

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 is released. Please obtain an update immediately to secure your system performance and stabilitySadly that I couldn’t bundle a user guide of this release together with the product since Maeroris doesn’t have much time to work on it and I already promised to release it in middle of this month (which seems to be late already). To be frank, this version is mainly the same to previous ones except “Aero Glass without WindowBlinds” and “WinFlip” featured with overall improvements such as:

-Fixed crappy hotfix issue, no more workaround trick required to avoid that-Ability to save transforming information for later uses and unattended transformation-Ability to detect the targeted machine and give suggested setup configuration-Some transformation procedures refinements you should look at like pre-configure on first run, removed obsolete dialogs and msn skin, etc.-New 3rd-party apps and new version of existing appsAnd yes, it’s free still without paying few hundreds for some certain stuff you like in Vista.To download, please check out the Vista Transformation Pack page, seeing how it improves from previous version and download it from JCXP.Please don’t forget to download Vista Transformation Pack 8 - User Guide also, it’s very handy document for complete Vista’s experiences.If you get an error on execution and using intel graphic driver, please try fixed driver to get Vista Transformation Pack runing fine.



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