Monday, May 25, 2009

World's Most Expensive LCD TV

World's most expensive and ultra luxurious LCD TV launched

Dubai: German company Schaub Lorenz has unveiled the world's most expensive and ultra luxurious LCD TV in the Middle East market for $130,000 (Dh477,100) (roughly Php 5,963,750).

The 40-inch LCD TV is studded with diamonds and white gold. Each diamond is of V VS1 brilliant white colour.

"The eco-friendly TV is made with degradable and reusable components consisting of 47 per cent glass, three per cent aluminium and 10 per cent iron allowing the TV to be 45 per cent more recyclable than a normal TV with many plastic parts.

The TV is completely hand-made - piece by piece construction - without screws and welding. The television screen functions are all activated by feather touch," said Dr Jean Shahdadpuri, Director, Nikai Group of Companies.

Schaub Lorenz is considered a pioneer in digital audio and video technology.

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