Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Bypass Megavideo Time Limits!

i think 72 min. lang w/o premium access to's the trick...

How to Bypass Megavideo Time Limits without premium access!

For Firefox Users...

Go here to download the "DownloadHelper" FireFox add-on
Once installed restart your firefox as the program requests.

Choose your favorite megavideo link and once loaded, click play then immediately pause your video.

To the left of your address bar should now be swirling colourfull balloons. Click on the drop arrow and choose your video.

In order to preserve your Megavideo times, you may now wish to close the window (your download should continue)

For all Users (The easiest way)

Simply letting the video load all the way and then working offline will allow you to watch the whole video.

Go to file (top left on your browser bar) and click offline or disconnect your modem/internet .


Bypassing Megavideo Time limits using a Proxy

Here's a working USA Transparent proxy server address, just tested after getting the 72 minute notification:

Put it in FF Tools/Options/Advanced/Settings. It will probably work for a day or two.
Note: The numbers after the colon: 3128, go in the Port field. The colon is NOT used in the HTTP Proxy field.

Use a USA Transparent proxy server to connect to Megavideo, Supernovatube, etc. if your country is blocked.

Here's where to put the proxy server address in FF....
How to Bypass Megavideo Time Limits!

Another Tip
There is no need to wait for a video to buffer in Megavideo.

Just mouse-over the time bar to move the slider to where you want the video to begin, after a few seconds, the video will begin to play from that point forward.

This is a good way to resume a video if you got timed out earlier.


For non Firefox users....

If Megavideo download link is

Then replace the URL to the following format:

Alternatively, use any anonymous surfing service such as Anonymouse or Guardster free web proxy to bypass the Megavideo download limit. Steps to use Guardster to bypass Megavideo Country limit are:

1. Go to the following site:
2. Input the Megavideo download link in the Address text box. (where you will see http:// in the box)
3. Uncheck (Unselect) all the options, like No Cookies, No Scripts, No Images, Hide Referrer, Hide User Agent, Hide Title, Hide Header.
4. Click on the button "I agree an wish to surf anonymously".

Another workaround for Megavideo slots limit is by using Google Language Tool translation capability.

1. Go to Google Language Tool, and scroll to Translate section. Or you can go direct to Google Translate.
2. Input Megavideo download link into the tex box (where you can see http://) below the "Translate a web page:".
3. For "from" option, the default (depending on your Google interface) English to German will do the trick, although other options will likely to allow the hack too.
4. Click on the "Translate" after the language option, and wait for the Megavideo download page to load, which allows you to start downloading immediately without the limitation by download limit per country.


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Anonymous said...

thats smart :O

i would never of thought of that

weedryder said...

easiest way:
go to Premium Link Generator
paste the megavideo link
download the original video

this site also supports / / / links.

Anonymous said...

Megavideo is not that expensive. Stop trying to cheat your way thru life and pay up.

Blogger said...

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