Monday, September 28, 2009

Cars You Can't Drive in the U.S.

From the boons of Ford's assembly line and Eisenhower's interstate highway system to the banes of suburban sprawl and oil dependence, U.S. history is closely tied to the automobile. But that doesn't mean Americans are privy to any ride they want. Carmakers like BMW, Ford, and Volkswagen design and manufacture all kinds of vehicles for consumers in different countries with separate needs and budgets. Here, gaze on internationally released cars you're unlikely to see in U.S.
showrooms any time soon.

1. Alfa Romeo Brera

Designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro
Available: Europe

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Famed Italian carmaker Pininfarina added some flair to this sporty two-door coupe. It has the front end of an old-school muscle car, but the lines and hatchback give it a more modern look.

2. Artega GT

Designer: Henrik Fisker
Available: Europe

Designed by the man who cooked up the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the BMW Z8 , this sports car takes its cues from classic Ferrari and Porsche shapes. Its carbon-fiber reinforced body keeps the vehicle light and quick.

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3. BMW E61 M5 Touring

Designer: Chris Bangle
Available: Europe

BMW isn't known for wagons in America, but that would undoubtedly change if the M5 Touring crossed the pond. The design retains pared down elegance of a traditional BMW, while long, smooth lines and even proportions lend a sharp, tasteful look.

4. Citroën C3 Picasso

Designers: Donato Coco and Jean-Pierre Ploué
Available: Europe

Getty Images
This perky supermini still has room to boast with its four doors and giant hatch. The curvy window, fenders, and head lamps are pure European design.

5. Ford Ka

Designer: Claude Lobo
Available: Britain, Latin America

The name Ford doesn't usually conjure images of tiny cars, but the Ka is an exception. Its designer said he was inspired by the original Mini.

6. Tata Nano

Designer: Girish Wagh, Justin Norek, Pierre Castinel
Available: India

Forget air conditioning, power steering, bells, or whistles; this very affordable machine, which currently costs around $2,500, is all about getting from point A to point B.

7. HSV Grange

Available: Australia

A full-size luxury sedan, the Grange is Australia's answer to BMW's 740i or Audi's S8. Its clean lines, LED tail lights, and understated spoiler are powerful but not flashy.

8. Lancia Delta

Designer: Lancia Centro Stile
Available: Europe

The Delta blends luxury stylings with the low, sleek body of a family hatchback. The rounded sidelines and trunk reflect traditional European car design.

9. Lotus Europa S

Designer: Russell Carr
Available: Europe

This is one of the few Lotus models not to make it to the U.S. With its stealth side air intakes, low overall height, large rims, and concave hood, the sports car reeks of speed.

10. Mini Cooper D

Designer: Frank Stephenson
Available: Europe, Australia

This is the classic Mini Cooper, which is available in the U.S., but a diesel version, which is not.

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