Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ion USB Portable Turntable

There is no shortage of turntables out there, if they’re your thing though, you might want to check out this one. Not only does it comes in that pretty bright red, it offers portability that could make your life a lot easier. It’d be especially great for those that like to make their music, but are on the road quite a bit. With this you wouldn’t be stuck waiting until you got home to act on some inspiration that hits out of nowhere.

The turntables will of course not only let you make music, but allows you to listen to your records if you like as well. This USB turntable is of course USB powered and will work with both a Mac and a PC. That USB connection will not only power it, but it allows for you to utilize the music stored on either your Mac or PC. This also comes with everything you need to take your music and turn it into digital MP3 files. The other items included are a dust cover with a handle, cartridge with stylus, cables, a slip mat and a 45RPM adapter. The turntable also allows you to plug in other musical devices like your MP3 player. It measures about 20” long by about 17 inches wide by about 6 inches high. You can purchase it for $140 from Urban Outfitters.

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