Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Electronic Breast Enhancer

I usually don’t cover products like the Electric Bust Enhancer, but I or someone else has covered all the other coolest gadgets for this Friday.

What you are seeing there are two devices that a lady sticks in her bra cup, and then it massages. Apparently, this soft vibration keeps breasts healthy, and protects “against age and gravity”. According to the Uxsight web site, a lot of women have seen the results quite quickly, and is “enjoyable for the women”.
Ye-e-a-ah. I’m not certain I should be covering this, but who am I to crown myself the king of prudes? Anyway, each of those cups is battery powered with an AG13 cell, and there doesn’t seem to be a warning about wearing these too much.
So, does anyone know if there is a scientific principle that would make this work? Considering the money that plastic surgeons are given by aging trophy wives every year to restore their (insert any word for “breasts” here, go on, you have such a limitless choice) it would be simpler if this device could save them.
Well, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. If you decide that this product is for you, feel free to head over to the Uxsight web site and lay down $10.69 for a pair of these good vibrations.

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