Friday, September 25, 2009

Useful Online Alarm Clock

Useful Online Alarm Clock Does What It’s Supposed To Do

Today I had to wake up earlier cause I had to do something that required more attention. Well, I failed to do that probably because I was very tired from last night. So I decided to look for an online alarm clock that would ring loud enough to wake me up when I really need to get up very early in the morning. I found some very interesting alarm clock online websites that also give you the opportunity to choose from several sounds.
First of all you should setup your speakers as loud as possible, meaning enough to wake you up and to keep the rest of the family in the dreamland. The first one is called Klokoo, the online alarm clock that allows you to choose between a rooster sound, bip bip sound, electro, hip hop, rock, trance, and French songs. You just have to set the date, hours, minutes, seconds, click “set the alarm clock” and that’s it. If you don’t want the alarm to go off then just click “stop the alarm.” What’s great is that the website provides you a feed so that you can read the latest news when you wake up. The feed consists of popular stories, but you can add your preferred RSS feed.
The other website that I found is called Kuku Klok. It sounds a little bit racist, but once you go past prejudices then you can set the clock to wake you at at any hour you want and you can choose and preview sounds like cockerel, classic clock, electronic, slayer guitar, and military trumpet.
It’s your call which one to choose!

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