Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coosh Headphones

I’ve reviewed many headphones and earbuds, and I have discovered very little that differentiates one brand from the other. The Coosh headphones are definitely the most unique that I have seen in quite a while.

Coosh headphones (not to be mistaken for the Koosh line of weird rubbery fuzzy balls) are made by the BIC company. As you can see by the silicone earring, these phones will stay in your ear a lot better than a BIC pen on your ear. They also come with a high capacity clip on the wire for a little added staying power. The Coosh website shows a man breakdancing with these things on, and the Coosh headphones stay on while he is upside-down.
By the way, these earrings are completely detachable, so if you don’t want that look, or if you’re not into active activities like breakdancing, then you can go without them. As for the sound, it is quite good with “full-bodied stereo sound quality” that is as good as it is advertised.
The Coosh headphones come in both white or black. A pair for the iPod or other compatible MP3 Player costs about $24.99. Coosh headphones for the iPhone, Blackberry, or other music compatible phone cost about $29.99. The extra money is apparently for the in-line headset mic with push-to-answer and mute buttons.

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