Friday, October 9, 2009

NASA LCROSS Moon Bombing Mission

If you were up overnight or very early EST this morning, you might have seen this happen live, but for those that happened to be asleep in their beds like me, they woke up to what could be a new day in the world of space exploration. A day where NASA sent a rocket to the moon to help us discover if there is water on the moon's surface. The impact was said to cause a possible six mile plume of debris from the impact. The debris would have possibly included ice which would let us all know that there is indeed water on the moon.

However, we didn't see that big plume of debris, and we don't know yet if there is water on the moon. If there water on the moon, this could lead us to a life on the moon one day. It could become the next place humans make their mark on and create life on. I'm sure that isn't what we thought would happen when man first walked on the moon back in 1969 - forty years ago this year. In another forty years, your children could be living on the moon as one of the first colonist.

What's next? Mars? It is starting to look like the sky is the limit. The only thing that will stop these things from happening in the future is money. You can check out the NASA moon bombing video that aired on The Today Show below if you happened to miss the event when it aired live around 7:31 EST this morning.

The mission was a success. We did have a moon collision with a rocket this morning. The rocket landed in the southern pole of the moon. However, we won't know the results of the mission until there is more analysis. That will take time. What did you think of today's mission? Did you stay up to watch? To follow what is to come, you can follow the LCross mission on Twitter here.

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