Monday, October 12, 2009

Samsung SyncMaster XL2370

It is nice to see the costs of monitors drop over the years, especially with the easy availability of LCD monitors that have long taken over the role of fat, chunky CRTs as the display medium of choice in millions of homes and offices worldwide. In fact, the proliferation of LCD monitors have seen advancements that come in leaps and bounds, where the current entry-level monitor would be at least an 18.5″ widescreen LCD monitor. Taking its cue from the HDTV world, Samsung has decided that the next logical step in the world of computer monitors would be to make the leap from LCD to LED, which is exactly what they did with the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 LED monitor. When picking this up, one can expect picture perfect, HD quality images that come in a sleek and aerodynamic design.

Regardless of whether you use your computer primarily to watch Blu-ray movies or video clips online, you won’t be disappointed by what the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 offers, thanks to its LED edge-lit backlight that is able to bring performance at 1080 HD quality without breaking a sweat while yielding a brighter range of colors compared to typical CCFL backlights. Regardless of whether dark or light, colors will be vivid and crisp thanks to the XL2370’s dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and the 2 millisecond response time which will ensure clearness and clarity in fast moving scenes. Thanks to its 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, movies shown in that format can be appreciated in their full glory without any distortion or stretching.

The Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 will come in a sleek design that boasts a Samsung Touch of Color matte black finish, looking as though it is liquid black in ambient light alongside a rich charcoal gray gradation in brighter light. Boasting a crystal-like acrylic neck and bezel trim, you will find that the SyncMaster XL2370 might just look as though the monitor is floating. Apart from that, you can tilt it up to 25 degrees, and the On Screen Display (OSD) adds a touch of class by lighting up when used and disappearing into the trim when dormant. Out later this November at retailers and distributors, those who can’t wait can always head down to the nearest Best Buy store as of today where it will retail for a recommended street price of $299.

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winter olympics said...

I personally like the touch sensitive buttons. They make it look at feel more modern and sophisticated. They allow you easy access to the buttons without taking away from how pretty the monitor looks. I prefer the buttons to be in front as opposed to being on the side so they made it simple without appearing tacky.

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