Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Triton AX-720

This isn’t the first time that we have covered one of TRITTON’s gaming headsets, and if the company keeps making headphones of this quality, then it won’t be the last, either.

Although the AX 720 is designed to work with the XBox, PS3, and PC, it certainly would give the gamer the most mileage if used with the first two. The AX720 includes a 720 AMP, and it is designed as a Dolby Digital recorder to place the gamer into a whole new realm of sound.
No software CD was included with the setup, but you will need to set it up with the optical cable if you really want to experience the full effect of the sound with the included AMP.
Not only can you use the AX 720 as gaming headphones, but these comfortably-fitting headphones can be used for all sorts of applications such as an MP3 player, or even an iPhone. The best part is that these headphones have an extra long cable that can “come apart” allowing you to disconnect from your experience without taking the headphones off. The microphone can also be used for voice recordings, and just wearing these things make me feel like a pilot.
All in all, TRITTON makes its gaming headphones a sound experience. You should be able to purchase the TRITTON AX 720 headphones at retails everywhere for about $129.99.

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