Friday, October 30, 2009

USB Threat Defender

Windows Sofware ArzooSoft USB Threat Defender v1.0 2.37 MB

USB Threat Defender - Ultimate USB Anti-Virus, maximum protection guaranteed.
USB Threat Defender is not just another autorun.inf virus remover, it takes more than that to provide maximum protection guarantee.USB Threat Defender is the ultimate USB Anti-Virus, its unique Proactive and Definition scan Technology combined together unleashes a new security stronghold level to give rock-solid protection against any USB threat, guaranteed.

This new protection level detects and removes both known and unknown threats missed by your Anti-Virus to give maximum protection against any USB threat attack. It also removes pre-existing installed viruses from your system.USB Threat Defender is designed to work without regular updates, hence it protects both Online and Offline computers of Home and Business effectively.

* check Provides maximum protection against any USB Threats.
* check Uses Proactive Scan Technology to detect unknown malwares.
* check Uses Definition based scan to detect known malwares.
* check Successfully Removes already installed malwares on a system.
* check Cures crippled system, and restores system health.
* check Performs complete indepth analysis to detect malwares.
* check Uses integrated real-time Resident Shield to detect malwares at early stage.
* check Has Quarantine Option to recover infections.
* check Does not require regular Updates.
* check Protects both Online and Offline systems effectively.
* check Protects Home and Business systems effectively.
* check Easy to use graphical interface.
* check One time registration fee, lifetime FREE upgrades

FULLY Cracked

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