Monday, December 28, 2009

Video Edit Magic is a 4:47 video editing software AIO

Video Edit Magic is a 4:47 video editing software AIO

When you have more clips and want to connect together with a unique effect or insert text introduction, Video Edit Magic is a useful tool. This software is only July 14 MB should not require high computer configuration.

Video Edit Magic is a video editing software AIO, supports AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG. Also, you can cut, assemble, and started up the movie. Any Windows compatible.

Drag-drop interface with intuitive, user is easy to put video clips in real-time audio editing (timeline) and assembling them into a movie complete it in just minutes. Added transition effects to add professional, but so new tracks, all ready to showcasing the world your masterpiece. You can editing and coordinate common file formats including AVI, WMV.ASF, MPEG, JPEG ... on the same radio edit. This really great convenience and save time when you want to create a unique product from many different sources.

Video Edit Magic supports filmmakers from the MPEG format. This is the format file to make VCD, SVCD and DVD. You can also export the file as QuickTime and Digital Video AVI. Movie will be exported to both NTSC and PAL standards.

Utility of a half-Video Edit Magic is the main audio track is presented as urban sound allows you to change the volume of audio clips at any segment
any from 0% - 400%. You can increase decrease sound, Doppler effect ...

Video Edit Magic easily separated, add, extract, cut, change color and where video files. It includes more than 150 transition effects, ideal for professionals and all those who love video editing but it interrupted normal but become works of art really.

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