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Big 4 of Philippines Presidential Election

AQUINO, NONOY: 3 years in House of Senate; Chairs the Local Government Committee; Co-chairs the Committee on Justice & Human Rights; 0 (as in Zero) bills filed as Senator (Senate bills he claims are bills that he co-sponsor and/or co-authored); 0 (as in Zero) Laws passed as Senator; 9 years in House of Congress; Became a Deputy Speaker of the 13th Congress; 8 Bills file as Congressman (or less than 1 Bill per year as congressman); The most well known bill he filed is the "TARLAC CITY DAY; 0 (as in Zero) Laws passed as Congressman, and; No corruption issues while in Senate and in Congress.

TEODORO, GIBO: 9 years in House of Congress; Became the Asst. Majority Floor Leader in 11th Congress; In Congress, he chaired many committees (count at; Numerous bills filed as Congressman (visit; 12 Laws passed while in congress, and; No corruption issues while in Congress.

VILLAR, MANNY: 9 years in House of Senate; As a neophyte Senator, he held the 2nd highest post in the Senate (Senate President Pro Tempore); He then became a Senate President; In Senate, he chairs 3 committees; 737 Bills filed as Senator (second to Sen. Defensor); 10 Laws passed as Senator (Tops all senators); 9 years in the House of Congress; Become the Majority Floor Leader and eventually became a Speaker of the House; While in Congress, he chaired many committees (count at; There were some corruption issues thrown to him while in Congress but none were filed for investigation, and a "C-5" corruption issue was filed at the Senate but the resolution was not passed because lack of quorum.

GORDON, DICK: 5 years in House of Senate; Became Senate President for more than 5 years; In Senate, he chairs 3 committee; 228 Bills filed as Senator, 8 Laws passed as Senator, and; No corruption issues while in Senate.



TEODORO, GIBO: Youngest Secretary of National Defense at 43 years old (August 2007- November 16, 2009) and; Chairman, National Disaster Coordinating Council (August 2007 – November 16, 2009);.


GORDON, DICK: City Mayor of Olongapo, and; Tourism Secretary.


AQUINO, NONOY: Former Chairman of Cooperatives; Former National President of Philippine JAYCEES; Chairman of Aug 21 Movement, and; Vice Chairman of LIBERAL PARTY.

TEODORO, GIBO: Coronel in Philippine AIRFORCE (Reserve), and; Former Chairman of LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD PARTY.

VILLAR, MANNY: Create the OFW Helpline and MANPOWER ON WHEELS (Mobile livelihood training), and; Organizer of Entrepreneurship Caravan (Sipag at Tiyaga Caravan Kaalaman).

GORDON, DICK: Founding Chairman and Administrator of SBMA; Youngest delegate on 1986 Constitutional Convention of the Philippines; Chief of RED CROSS Philippines; Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Officer, and; Chairman of BAGONG BAYAN PARTY.


AQUINO, NONOY: Nangangako sa Pilipino na hindi magnakaw. Eliminate Corruption in the Philippines; A National Leadership in Need of Transformational Change:Its legitimacy is under question; It persecutes those who expose the truth about its illegitimacy and corruption; It stays in power by corrupting individuals and institutions; It confuses the people with half-truths and outright lies; It rewards, rather than punishes, wrongdoing; It offers no lasting solutions for the many problems of the country; It weakens the democratic institutions that hold our leaders accountable; It hinders our local governments from delivering basic services; It has no vision of governance beyond political survival and self-enrichment. (For more details refer to

TEODORO, GIBO: Galing at Talino ang kailangan mamuno sa mga Pilipino; NATIONAL LEADERSHIP: The strong will to resist temptation: A good leader must be of strong character and integrity. More than anything else, he or she must embrace the true essence of public service as a calling. He should also have a clear grasp of the concept that he was elected to the Office which is an institution, and he, the one elected to that office. The ideals and obligations of the Office go beyond his personal self. As the one elected by the people, he must always be guided by what’s best for his country or constituents even if this entails great personal sacrifices on his part. A true leader must accept the philosophy that he should serve without expecting anything in return. In the end, his strength of character and integrity would give him the will to resist temptation. This strength of character and integrity does not come with the office – these traits are nurtured through years of public service. (For more details refer to

VILLAR, MANNY: Tapusin ang Kahirapan sa Sipag at Tiyaga; Ang Bayan higit sa lahat! The Philippines is basically an underdeveloped agricultural country. Majority of its people still live in the rural areas and support themselves through agriculture and fisheries. The nation’s main problem is widespread poverty and social injustice. The main thrust of our platform is emancipating the people from poverty and injustice. Self reliant and sustainable economic development program shall be pursued by implementing agrarian reform, increasing agricultural productivity and developing domestic industries. The problems of environmental destruction, climate change and recurring calamities shall be comprehensively addressed. High priority shall be given to education, health, housing and other basic social services. Economic development should be coupled with reforms ensuring social equity and respect for human rights. People empowerment and good governance are vital to implementing meaningful reforms in the economy, politics, culture and foreign relations. A foreign policy based on respect for national sovereignty and ensuring mutual benefit shall be charted. The policy of economic liberalization and blind adherence to “globalization” must be reviewed. Unequal economic, military and other foreign treaties and agreements must be corrected. (For more details refer to

GORDON, DICK: A Country of Character – our ultimate vision where everyone is Enabled to be Enobled and Free; Vision for a New Philippines: Leadership requires a clear and coherent VISION. The vision sets the philosophy and framework for good governance. It provides guidance to the people so that they can pursue our common goal in their own creative way. Dick Gordon’s vision for a truly Filipino society must be one that is: Caring. People must be concerned with the welfare of others/community/country and exercise a degree of selflessness for our greater good. We must not injure others in the exercise of our rights; Compassionate. Everyone must have due regard for the individual struggles of others and act with consideration. We must act with empathy and devise programs that uplift every individual’s conditions. (For more details refer to



TEODORO, GIBO: West Negros University, Honoris Causa, Doctor of Laws, 2009; Harvard Law School, Master of Laws; University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Laws (Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence, 1989); Air Command and Staff College, Air Education and Training Command, Philippine Air Force, Command and Staff Course (Leadership Awardee, Seminar Academic Excellence Awardee, 2001); Joint and Combined Staff Officers Course, Class Nr 1, JCSC, Camp Aguinaldo Quezon City (Leadership Awardee, 2003); De La Salle University, BSC Major in Financial Instituitions, 1984, and; Xavier School (Highschool & Elemtary).

VILLAR, MANNY: Graduate of BS Accountancy in UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, Diliman; Graduate of Master in Business Administration in UP; Awarded in 1990 as the Most Outstanding CPA by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Awarded in 1991 the Most Outstanding UP Alumnus for his achievements, and; Awarded in 2004 the Most Distinguish UP Alumnus, the highest recognition given by the University of the Philippines to their Alumni, for his exemplary public service and achievements.

GORDON, DICK: Graduate of AB History and Government in ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY; a UP Bachelor of Laws; Awarded in 1997 the Most Distinguish UP Alumnus, the highest recognition given by the University of the Philippines to their Alumni, for his exemplary public service and achievements; Awarded in 1997 the Most Outstanding Alumnus in Public Service by LETRAN College.


AQUINO, NONOY: Retail Sales Supervisor of NIKE SHOES; Asst. on Advertising & Promotion of MONDRAGON (owned by Cory's Friend); Vice President of BEST Security Agency (Family owned corporation); Vice President of INTRA STRATA ASSURANCE Co. (Family owned corporation), and; Field Service Manager of Central AZUCARERA de Tarlac (Family owned)

TEODORO, GIBO: Lawyer and Associates of Estelito Mendoza Law Office; Founder & Board of Trustees of Everest Golf and Country Club; Chairman & CEO of SURICON RESOURCES CORP. (Owned by GOTESCO LAND CORP.), and; License Commercial Pilot.

VILLAR, MANNY: Auditor of SGV (Philippine largest CPA Firm); Member of E&Y Group (One of the worlds Big 4); Financial Analyst, and; Successful entrepreneur (Build one of the biggest real estate empire in the Philippines)

GORDON, DICK: Lawyer and Associates of ACCRA Law Office; Board of Director of KONG Commercial Philippines; Brand Manager of PROCTER & GAMBLE, and;Founder of SBMA Volunteer.



TEODORO, GIBO: Married of one (1) Kid;

VILLAR, MANNY: Married of three (3) Kids;

GORDON, DICK: Married of three (3) Kids;

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