Thursday, May 13, 2010

PCOS Scandal

I am a software engineer from California. I just don’t want to remain complacent. I think rigging in Venezuelan elections will happen in the Philippines. I have Venezuelan friends who are IT experts, and we talked about this.

For a PCOS to be free of anomaly and cheating software/chip, during its testing and sealing, the number of possible voters per precinct should be the number of the test voters/ballots.

It is easy to make a program that will put a cap on the number of “fair votes”–those unaffected with cheating. The cheating happens after the cap is reached.


1000 total possible voters

700 – capped number of fair votes

701-1000 will be programmed to go to a favored candidate. Whoever the remaining 300 voters pick, it will not matter. The cheating program will translate the votes and tally them under the favored candidate.

IT professionals in the Philippines should know this scheme. 1000 test voters should pick president and representative. If no test voters, 1000 test ballots can be equally distributed to top five parties– 200 ballots per party. The result should be 200 votes to each candidate– president and representative– for the PCOS machine to be free of cheating software/chip.
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