Friday, March 25, 2011

Myanmar Earthquakes

This picture taken on March 25, 2011 in Myanmar’s Northern City of Tachilek, and being release by Charity World Vision that shows big crack on the road causes by the earthquake. It reach 75 peoples who confirm dead after the quake hit in Myanmar, according to the official they think that the quake well raise higher magnitude.

Bangkok feel the quakes from Myanmar about 800 kilometer from the epicenter, also Hanoi and other places of China who feel the sensation of the quake. (USGS) US Geological Survey measured the quake for about 6.8 magnitude.

One official of Myanmar says that 74 people confirm dead and 110 people are still missing in 5 different places near the epicenter. More than 240 buildings and structure has collapse.

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Lovely said...

this is lovely of aprons chef.

I believe that year 2011 is also the year where all plates moves. as you all know that starting from japan it moves to other countries up to Haiti. Maybe this is also a reason of global warming that even tectonic plates move too much..

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