Friday, April 15, 2011

Mosley Can Beat Pacquiao?

Shane Mosley said it is not right to count him out against Pacquiao when they wage a 12-round welterweight war at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the simple reason that he looked dull in his last two fights against Floyd Mayweather and Sergio Mora.

"Do people have blinders on?" said Mosley as quoted by Michael Rosenthal of The Ring, who was in Big Bear, California, during an open workout held last Tuesday.

Mosley said he has all the physical tools to put an end to the rampaging ways of Pacquiao, who has terrorized those who dared to cross paths with him.

Counting on his size, speed and power, Mosley said that if a lumbering guy like Antonio Margarito can land his best blows on Pacquiao, what more if the guy in front of the Filipino pound-for-pound king is him?

"I have all the (physical) advantages," Mosley said in a story that appeared in the on-line edition of The Ring.

"I'm the bigger man, I'm the fastest guy he's fought. I have a longer reach. Everything is working in my favor," said the 39-year-old Mosley, who has a wingspan of 74 inches, seven inches longer than Pacquiao.

Mosley also stands 5-foot-9 and is two-and-a-half inches taller than Pacquiao.

Still, Mosley said the buck doesn't stop there.

"I just have to make sure I'm 100 percent. I can't sit back and say I have all these advantages and not work on them. That's what I'm doing; working on them."

Meanwhile, Pacquiao appears to be not taking Mosley lightly as some sectors would like to portray it.

Although Mosley was given up for dead following his awful performance against Mora, Pacquiao likes looking at Mosley as someone who still has what it takes to bang big-time.

Pacquiao vs Mosley details
"It's dangerous to take somebody for granted," said Pacquiao.

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