Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shocking Quakes in Tokyo

On Friday April 15, 2011, Japan's government ordered (TEPCO) Operator Tokyo Electric Power Co to offer payouts to tens of thousands of people made homeless by the ongoing crisis. A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.8 hit central Japan on Saturday morning, the US Geological Survey said on Saturday.

The quake, which shook buildings in Tokyo, struck at 11:19 (02:19 GMT), 83km north of the capital and at a depth of 20km, the USGS said.(TEPCO) Operator Tokyo Electric Power Co said the tremor did not disrupt the emergency crews who are working around the clock to cool crippled reactors at a nuclear plant hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami last month.
That earthquake -- the biggest ever recorded in Japan -- struck on March 11, triggering a huge tsunami and leaving 13,591 people dead, with another 14,497 still unaccounted for.

There were no immediate reports of any damage or casualties from Saturday's quake.

More details from Tokyo's Quake in here

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Lovely said...

This is lovely of aprons chef.

as far as i know magnitude of 9 something is the strongest in japan which destroyed almost half of japan. this happens ithink last march 2011.

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