Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tools for identifying and removing viruses, worms and other malware

In connection with my post on detecting infection of computer viruses or worms that uses autorun.inf to spread itself, the following are some of the free tools that you can use for detecting and even removing infections of viruses, worm and other malware infections like spyware and adware.

1. TrendMicro HijackThis - this is a free tool / utility which quickly scans your computer to find settings that may have been change by spyware, malware or other unwanted programs. This tool generates a log file that allows you to view currently programs or processes running on your system. This gives you idea on what are the programs that runs every time you start your computer. It also allows you to remove a specific entry on your system registry but take note: HijackThis can’t determine good or bad programs.

Download URL: http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en...kthis/download

2. Microsoft Windows Malicious Removal Tool - a free tool from Microsoft that checks your computer for prevalent malicious software - such as Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom.

Download URL: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en

3. SmitFraudFix.exe - a freeware by S!Ri created to remove rogue anti-spyware applications that utilize Trojans to issue fake taskbar security alerts or that change your background in order to scare you into purchasing the full commercial version of their software. I use this program to remove the infection of SpySheriff / Winstall.exe. You can find a detailed instruction from BleepingComputer.com regarding this tool. You better read it before using the tool.

Download URL: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/resources/link243.html

That’s all for now and I hope this helps you. Please remember to read all the details of the free tools before doing anything with your computer to avoid unnecessary results. Good luck!

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Been using Kaspersky protection for a couple of years now, I'd recommend this solution to you all.

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