Monday, May 2, 2011

Aiko Melendes against Ex-Boyfriend Patrick Meneses

Actress Aiko Melendez denies the accusations linking her to spreading false rumors against her former boyfriend of three years, Bulacan City Mayor Patrick Meneses.
Patrick sued Aiko before the Malolos Regional Trial Court on April 28, for violation of Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. The Bulacan Mayors League also passed a resolution to hold people proven guilty of the offense persona non grata in the province. The case was filed after Aiko allegedly made remarks on Twitter about Patrick's sexuality.
Patrick and Aiko ended their three-year relationship last February and both agreed not to reveal their situation to the public. In an interview with ABS-CBN's "The Buzz" on Sunday, May 1, Aiko denied that the rumors on Patrick's sexuality came from her.
"Sabi nila nagpakalat raw kami ng e-mail para siraan si Patrick. Ang pinagseselosan ko po noon ay babae. Pero ngayon, ang ini-issue eh lalaki na," Aiko said.
Aiko, an actress and a former politician, denied spreading the rumors, saying this will affect her family and her credibility. "Hindi po manggagaling sakin yan...Una sa lahat, hindi po ba katawa-tawa on national TV na malaman na pinagpalit ako sa isang lalaki. Hindi po ba kasiraan rin po sa akin iyon at kasiraan na ako po ay may anak na pag-usapan, pagpyestahan," Aiko said.
As Patrick is in politics, Aiko thought that this issue could be politically motivated. "Hindi ba niya naisip na baka nagamit lang ako ng kalaban niya sa politika ngayon na hiwalay na kami," Aiko added.
And to stop the speculations and clear the rumors on Patrick's gender, "No, it's not coming from my mouth, no. I never doubted his gender," Aiko said when asked if she thinks Patrick is gay.
Aiko also said that she was hurt more than being shocked of the turn of events. "Sinisisi ko yung sarili ko na ito ba yung kapalit nang pananahimik ko, na pagbibintangan nyo ko, na aakusahan ako sa isang bagay na hindi ko ginawa," Aiko said. She also said that if Patrick first didn't have an interview, the media and the public will not know about their situation.
"Ang kinasasakit ko po, here you go, filing a case against me with libel, because through that direct message thing sa Twitter na nagcreate ako ng script para ibagsak ang pagkatao ni Patrick," Aiko added. She also said that Patrick knows the password and e-mail address that she uses in her Twitter account. Because of this, she didn't even attempt to spread false rumors because Patrick would be the first one to know about it. Aiko also said it was impossible to create a "script" on Twitter given the short character limit for users.
"Nasaan yung tatlong taon na pinagsamahan po namin na parang binalewala at tinapon lang niya sa bintana? Naniwala sya sa isang bagay na wala man lang syang basehan," Aiko added.
Aiko also denied talking to reporter Pete Ampoloquio about Patrick. "I swear in my father's grave, I haven't spoken or I haven't talked to Pete Ampoloquio. A blind item could be anyone. Pag blind item, hindi ka magrereact kung hindi ka guilty," Aiko said.
Amid her failed relationships, Aiko said she still believes in love and there's someone meant for her. "Sana hindi naman po dapat nila isisi sakin na kunyari nagkamali ako ng tatlong beses, ibig sabihin kasalanan ko na po. Malamang po, malas lang ako sa pag-ibig," Aiko said.
Aiko also told "The Buzz" that she gave her all in her relationship with Patrick. "This time, I will love myself better than anybody else. And my priority would be God, my career, my children, myself, ang lovelife ko ang nasa huli na ngayon," Aiko said.
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