Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mobile Phone Antivirus From ESET [New & Full Version]

ESET have announced that they will be a releasing a mobile phone antivirus software application in January 2009.

ESET are the producers of one of the best antivirus (NOD32) and security suites (ESET Smart Security suite) currently available - I’ve personally been using their NOD32 software for over 4 years and have recommended it to many people over the years. One of the best things about it is that it combines good protection while taking up small amounts of resources, so your computer isn’t noticeably slowed down by it.

When I begin using a new computer or set up a new Windows installation, installing a form of anti-virus software on it is one of the first things I do, if not the first thing! Will people want to have to do this with their mobile phones? Or perhaps the handsets will come pre-installed with mobile versions of antivirus applications - I’m not sure if this would be a good thing or a bad thing!

I can understand as mobile phones begin to use and access the Internet in a more traditional and open manner, then it does open up the possibility for the same malicious software and viruses as well as specially designed ones for mobile devices.

This may begin to be an even problematic area is people begin to use them to conduct transactions with, either online or as a form of swiping/scanning currency.

Perhaps we’ll even start to see virus problem on an Apple device in the form of the iPhone, given it’s popularity, perhaps it will make it a viable target for those people who create these viruses and other malicious software?

I suppose the main question is, do mobile phones/devices need antivirus solutions at this point? How much if anything would you pay them on your mobile phone? Do you think that this will become common place?

The ESET Mobile Antivirus has these key Features, specifications and requirements:
* Proactive Protection - Proactively protects against known and unknown mobile malware.
* Control SMS spam - Sends unwanted text messages to the spam folder with simple rules.
* Heuristics - Proactive protection without relying on signatures.
* On-Demand Scanning - Scan memory and running processes, onboard files and removable media for malware; search deeply into nested folders to uncover malicious software.
* Advanced On-Access Scanning - Scans all accessed files for viruses, including email attachments and files accessed via wireless means such as Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared, GPRS and EDGE.
* SMS Spam Filter - Locks text messages from unknown senders or uses black and white lists to filter your SMS messages.
* Activity Log - Scan statistics are stored in a user-friendly format. Up to 50 logs can be stored onboard.
* Variable In-Depth Scanning of CAB Files - Control the scan depth of compressed cabinet files that may contain other nested folders or other compressed files.
* Automatic/On-Demand Updates - Download signature updates on-demand or automatically at pre-set intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly.
* Intuitive User Interface - Simple and elegant user experience.
* Minimal Resource Utilization - The software consumes about 400 KB installed
* Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC Phone/Smartphone Edition), Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 (Standard/Professional Edition), Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard/Professional Edition).
* Memory: 1 MB

Download Here

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