Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blood Pressure Reducing Isometric Exerciser

Fancy having a device that will help boost your blood circulation after feeling lethargic throughout the day with less energy than normal to spare?

The Blood Pressure Reducing Isometric Exerciser might just do the trick, and we don’t think this is a fly-by-night device (pardon the pun) considering it was developed from technology used by the U.S. Air Force to improve F-16 pilots’ blood circulation while they’re busy chasing after bogeys and shooting them down in intense situations.
This device can reduce your blood pressure without medication. University studies correlate the handgrip trainer’s isometric exercise to the calming of the user’s sympathetic nervous system, the reduction of their resting heart rate, and lowering of their blood pressure. Clinical research by cardiovascular specialists shows the device lowers blood pressure in 90% of users who perform the therapy 12 minutes per day, five days a week. Simply hold the device and squeeze as hard as you can; the unit measures your maximum hand strength and calculates a target pressure that is 70% below your threshold. The handgrip then prompts you to maintain the target pressure, indicating when to squeeze harder or loosen your hold with audible tones and visual cues on the LCD. The exercise can be performed while reading or watching television and positive results are measurable in four to eight weeks.
This is a no-brainer of a device to use, which will be powered by one CR123 battery. It will cost you $380 clams to bring one home though – look on the bright side, at least if it works effectively, it will be cheaper than long term medication.

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