Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Netgear unveils Stora NAS

Netgear is a name that is synonymous with quality networking devices and peripherals, where the company has recently unveiled the new NETGEAR Stora – a new, easy-to-use network attached storage (NAS) device that will target home media.

The NETGEAR Stora will allow consumers to centralize photos, music, movies and files easily, allowing them to be used in virtually any compatible device that is connected to the network. The Stora will ship with a smooth user interface to get even non-technical users started right out of the box, where one can easily share their photos and videos with friends and family without having to go through a time-consuming process that involves resizing and uploading photos to various Internet sites, or even transferring them via email. All whom you want and allow to view your files can do so from the Internet, accessible as long as they use the relevant username and password assigned.
The NETGEAR Stora is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux platforms, ensuring it remains the main hive of all your music, movies, photos and files, stored in a single, safe location. Apart from that, its cross-platform file sharing capability allows other users to further expand the collection by sharing their photos, videos and files – as long as it is between home computers and home media players. The NETGEAR Stora is well capable of centralizing music collections and playing them back through iTunes. In addition, it will also integrate content with remote photo frames and social networking sites such as Facebook autoamtically. To further sweeten the deal, the Stora will serve content to other networked devices including Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-enabled photo frames, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, iPhone and Blackberry cellphones.
You can pick up the NETGEAR Stora for $229 a pop, where it comes with a couple of two standard drive bays that automatically mirror data.

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