Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elecom Mouse Soap won't Clean Hands

When one hears of a soap mouse, most would just figure it’s some geeky mouse shaped soap. After all, there have been a few different mouse shaped soap bars that have hit the market. Well this mouse is the exception to the rest, it’s a mouse made to resemble soap. You might be wondering why someone would create a mouse that looks like soap and it’s a valid question. Although, finding out just where this mouse is being sold, pretty much explains everything.

Yes, this is another strange product straight out of Japan. To be a touch more specific, these are coming from Japan’s Elecom. This USB mouse won’t make your computer gadgets sanitary, but it does function just like any other normal mouse. It appears the design is actually pretty new, so there isn’t a whole lot of purchase information out there. Even if there was pricing info on it though, it’d be difficult to get your hands on if you’re living outside of Japan.

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