Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mayweather remains undefeated at 40 and 0 VS Marquez dropped to 50-5-1.

Photo: Floyd Mayweather, Jr (L) tags Marquez with a left as Marquez was on the way down on the canvas.

LAS VEGAS, NV -- The fight that boxing experts say was a mismatch turned out to be exactly like that as Floyd Mayweather, Jr asserted his superiority over the smaller Juan Manuel Marquez in terms of speed and technical skill to carv out a masterful shutout victory over the proud Mexican during the Mexican Independence Day weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena here Saturday night (Sunday in Manila)

First round action saw Marquez take the offensive but Mayweather's defense was just too good to give any meaning to Marquez's punches as these were either deflected, blocked or waved by the wily self-professed world's greatest boxer but every Mayweather counter punch seemed to find its mark. The first round action established the blueprint for the remainder of the night as Marquez -- tried as he might -- could not do anything from within his power to counter Mayweather's supreme boxing skill.

A short left by Mayweather in the second round that landed squarely on Marquez's jaw sent Marquez to the canvas. Mayweather, however, failed finish Marquez in the second round or at any round after that as he refused to get away from his comfort zone and stick to his play-safe first stance at all times.

Mayweather now looks forward to making more megafights -- against the winner of Pacquiao-Hatton on Nov. 14 or with Sugar Share Mosely who climbed the ring after the fight to personally challenge Mayweather.

Mayweather remains undefeated at 40 and 0 while Marquez dropped to 50-5-1.

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