Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GPS Position Finder

One good thing about phones with built-in cameras these days is the ability to shoot a photo of your current location, making it the perfect tool to have if you tend to forget where you last parked your car. The miniHomer Key-Chain GPS Position Finder will come in ahndy though, being a keychain-sized GPS locator device that allows you to get back to a previously marked outdoor spot, regardless of how many other cars have come and gone by then.

Using latest GPS technology, miniHomer works globally, under all weather condition, 24/7. It is an indispensible tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it is for returning to the camping ground, remembering a favorite fishing spot, or getting back to a place of particular interest you came across during vacation, simply mark the location while you are at the place. Later miniHomer can guide you back to the exact spot no matter how far away you start.
No longer do you have to embarrass yourself (and blow it on your first date) by forgetting where you last parked your car!

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