Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wikireader Pocket

It’s astounding how many arguments get solved by hopping on the internet and going straight to Wikipedia. It informs you on all the random bits of knowledge you never knew you needed. Of course you can’t always just hop on the website to check on that information. Especially if you don’t have a smart phone of any kind. Well for those that want to have access to that knowledge without being connected to the internet, now you can have Wikipedia with you at all times.

Just carry around the WikiReader and it’ll let you learn all the useless knowledge you’ll never need. You don’t have to ever be connected to the internet to look up the information either. Which means you can even learn when you’re far away from the rest of civilization. To keep it updated you’ll have to pay a $29 subscription fee to Wikipedia. Then to purchase the little handheld device itself it’ll cost you $99. It only has three actual buttons and then a touchscreen to handle the rest of the typing. It requires two AAA batteries to keep up and running. The device has become officially available as of today.

Source: Gearlog

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