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For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ.

She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to Satan.

She witnessed many of our esteemed cultural icons suffering in the Pit; singers, entertainers, and even a pope. Angelica was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God's children will NOT be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart.

From video Interview, originally in Spanish, minimally abridged

Location: El Empalme, Ecuador. Sept. 29, 2009

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Maxima (the Mother):

My name is Maxima Zambrano Mora and we attend the "Casa de Oracion" Church in El Empalme. We were fasting for 15 days, and crying out to God. My daughter Angelica also joined us. During those fifteen days of fasting, I was able to see beyond the natural, which I've never done before. We were praying and fasting at the retreat, and even continued praying and crying out at home, waiting for God to speak to us.

The Lord gave us much encouragement. Because of our trials, we were often ready to give up, but the Lord was there to help us. He gave us Jeremiah 33:3 "Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not." My daughter had been emphatically requesting that from Lord, though I didn't know it at the time.

Angelica (The daughter):
My name is Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora. I am 18, and study at the "Colegio José María Velazco Ibarra", here at El Cantón, El Empalme, Ecuador. I first accepted Christ when I was 12, but I told myself, "None of my friends were evangelicals and I felt strange amongst them", so I walked away from God, and lived a bad, terrible life. But God pulled me out of there. On, my 15th Birthday, I was reconciled to the Lord, but I was still double-minded. The Bible says (James 1:8), "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways" and I was one of those persons. My dad would say, "You don't have to be like that, it looks awful, it's wrong," but I would reply, "This is the way I am, and how I want to be, nobody has to tell me how I should be, nor what I should do, nor how I should dress, or behave." He would respond, "God is going to deal with you. He is going to change you."

During my 17th birthday, I came closer to the Lord. On April 28th I came to Him and said, "Lord, I feel so bad, I know that I'm a sinner," and I told Him how I felt. "Lord, forgive me. I want You to write my name in the Book of Life and to accept me as Your child." I repented and gave back my life to the Lord. I said, "Lord, I want You to change me, to make a difference in me." I cried with all my heart, asking the Lord to change me. But, as time passed by I felt no change. The only difference was that I began to attend church, to read the Bible and to pray. That was the only change in my life.

Then, in August, I was invited to fast for 15 days. I decided to join, but before entering I said, "Lord, I want you to deal with me here." During the fast, the Lord was speaking to almost everybody, except me! It was as if the Lord had not seen me, and that hurt. I would pray, "Lord, aren't You going to deal with me?"

I would cry alone and continue, "Lord, do You love me? Are You here? Are You with me? Why don't You speak to me like You do to everyone else. You speak so many things to other people, even words of prophecy, but not me." I asked for a sign that He was with me, and the Lord gave me Jeremiah 33:3, "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." I said, "Lord, did You just talk to me?” Because I heard His audible voice and had a vision of the words written in Jeremiah 33:3.

I said, "Lord, is that for me?" I kept it to myself, while everyone else was testifying what the Lord had given them and what they had seen. But I kept it secret and would only meditate on the words: "Call unto Me" means to pray, but what did "great and mighty things" mean? I thought, "This can only mean heaven and hell." So I said, "Lord, I only want You to show me heaven, but not hell, because I've heard that it is a horrible place." But I then prayed with all my heart, "Lord if it is Your will to show me what You must, then do so, but change me first. I want You to make a difference in me; I want to be different.”

When we finished fasting, there were trials and difficulties and sometimes I felt faint, unable to continue walking with the Lord. But He gave me strength. I started to hear His voice and know Him better. We became good friends. The Lord is our best friend, the Holy Spirit. I told Him, "Lord, You are my best friend. I want to know You better," and shared all my thoughts with Him.

I prayed during all of August and then in November, a servant of the Lord came to our house and said, "May the Lord bless you." I replied, "Amen." He then said, "I am here to bring you a message from must prepare yourself, because the Lord will show you great and mighty things which you do not know. He is going to show you Heaven and Hell because you have been asking, from Jeremiah 33:3." I asked, "Yes, how did you know? I haven't told that to anyone." He responded, "The same God that you serve and praise, that very same God I also praise told me everything."

Soon we began to pray. Some sisters from our church, and others from my family were there with us praying. But as soon as we started praying, I began to see the Heavens opened. So I said, "I see the Heavens are opening, and 2 angels are coming down!" The man said, "Ask them why they are here."

They were tall and beautiful; with beautiful wings. They were large and shining, and seemed transparent, brilliant as gold. They wore crystal sandals and had on holy garments. "Why are you here?" They smiled and said, "We are here because we have a task to carry out...We are here because you must visit Heaven and Hell and we will not leave until all of this comes to pass." I responded, “very well, but I only want to visit heaven, not hell." They smiled, and stayed there, but did not say anything more. After we finished prayer, I could still see them there.

I also started to see the Holy Spirit; He is my best friend; He is Holy, He is omniscient; He is omnipresent! I could see Him, transparent and brilliant at the same time; with a brilliant countenance, I could see His smile and His loving gaze! I can hardly describe Him, because He is more beautiful than angels. The angels have their own beauty, but the Holy Spirit is far more beautiful than they are! I could hear His audible voice, a voice full of love, a passionate voice. I just can't explain His voice; a voice like lightening, yetat the same time He would say, "I am with you." so I would strive to continue walking with God, even as trials surrounded us. We were going through very difficult moments, but victorious ones at the same time. I said, "Lord, let Your will be done." I continued to notice the angels even at school, and in my classes. I was so happy, so full of joy because I could actually see them!

The servant of the Lord, who visited my house, told me to prepare myself, because I was going to see Heaven and Hell. But he also told me something difficult. He said, "You are going to die." It wasn't easy when I heard this.

"How am I going to die? I'm so young", I asked. He replied, "Don't worry about anything, everything God does is perfect, and He will bring you back to life, so you can testify about Heaven and Hell, which is what the Lord wants all of us to know about." I said, "Amen, but will I be run over by a car, how will I die?" Ideas came rushing into my mind, but the Lord told me not to worry, everything was under control. I said, "Thank You, Lord!"

On November 6th, after I returned home from school, the Angels were still with me, even while praising the Lord. They would not speak to me; all they would say was, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Hallelujah," giving glory, honor and praise to our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit was there along with the angels and I would rejoice. Many people say that the gospel is boring, but that is a big lie from the devil to keep people from searching for God's presence. I also used to believe this, but after I met the Lord and the Holy Spirit, I knew the gospel is not boring, it is the most beautiful experience you can have on Earth!
I could see; play with, and even talk to the Holy Spirit. But the angels would not talk to me, but they would praise the Lord. I would say, "Holy Spirit come along with me to do this or that" and He would be there. I could feel and see Him.

I saw Him when He would rise to His feet, and would even prepare a seat for Him. Although many can't see Him, He is here! That relationship has continued, there's no reason to stop it, once you've experienced it…there's no way that I would withdraw. When I consider where He pulled me out from, what I was before, I am so thankful for His mercy, for all His love toward humanity and toward me!

On November 7th, when I was returning home, I heard a voice that said, "Be prepared, for you will die today," I knew it was the Holy Spirit because I could see Him. I ignored His voice and said, "Lord, I don't want to die today!" But He repeated, "Be prepared, for you will die today!" This time He said it louder and with greater force. I replied, "Lord, I know it's You talking to me; I only ask for a confirmation and after that, do with me as You will. I'll do whatever You ask, I'll surrender, even if I'm afraid, because I know You are with me and You are real."

I prayed, "Let that person you used before, bring me the message. Let him be at my home this instant, before I arrive, and let him tell me that today I will die." Now, somehow the Lord knows our past, present and future. He knew what I would request of Him. So when I arrived home, the servant of the Lord was already there.

When my daughter got home, we were in the kitchen. When Angelica saw the servant of the Lord, she said, "May the Lord bless you." The man of God responded, "God bless you. Are you ready? For today is the day that the Lord will take you, at 4 PM." She just stood there, astonished that the Lord had granted her request.

When I heard this I said, "Amen...but I don't want to die, I can't die! No, Lord, I'm afraid, very much afraid, terrified!" The servant of the Lord said, “Let's pray that your fear will leave now in the name of our Lord." I said, "Amen" and we prayed. Soon I felt all fear leave me, and an indescribable joy came, thinking that death was the best thing that could happen to me! I started to smile and laugh while everyone was looking at me. They could all see that I went from being dismal to joyful. I was smiling, jumping and singing.

My daughter instantly felt joy in her heart and started eating. She had a little bit of everything, saying, "If I don't return, well I've eaten and I'm full."

Everyone started laughing and asked, "Why are you behaving like this instead of being sad, you're happy, you're joyful?" I told them, "Of course: I'm going to see the Lord, I'm going to be with Him, but I don't know if I'll be coming back so I want to give away all my things." They all stared at me and asked, "You're going to give away all your belongings?" My Mom's eyes were wide open in surprise!

My daughter started giving her things away. She gave everything away, everything! Our church sisters were with us, as usual, and she gave something to every one of them. When I questioned her intentions, she said, "If I return, they can give everything back to me, but if I don't come back, then they can keep everything."

I can imagine how sad my Mom must have felt when I said that. But I felt so happy, that I started giving everything away: my clothes, my bed, my cell phone, everything, with one condition: If I come back, everything must be returned to me. They all started laughing.

She was very determined, but as a mother I felt so much sorrow. It wasn't easy. I wondered, "Lord when the moment comes, how will it be?" I couldn't understand. As they started praying, I was arranging things in the house. They said, “sister, come let's pray." But I replied, "You go on, I will join you shortly. Just let me finish this task."

They were all observing me as we prayed. I prayed, "Lord, I want to do Your will. You're not a man that You would lie or repent, I know You are real. If I am going to fail You, then it's best if You just take me with You; but If I am going to do Your will, then bring me back, but help me say the truth, prepare me, help me to preach and to tell people to repent." That was my shortest prayer. I told this to the servant of the Lord and said, "Don't tell my Mom what I said to the Lord." He replied, "I won't tell her now, but once the Lord has taken you, I'll tell her." We continued praying and came together in a prayer circle.

At 3:30 PM, the Lord told His servant to anoint my daughter. So some of us went into the room and anointed her. He gave us two minutes to anoint her all over, from her hair down, everything, all her body. She was fully anointed.


My Mom and another church sister, Fátima Navarrete, anointed me with oil. But as they were anointing me, I felt something covering me, like a glass that was surrounding me. It's hard to explain, I felt covered with something like armor, and I couldn't explain how I was covered. After that, when they tried to touch me, they no longer could.

As we were praying over Angelica, I was trying to lay my hands on her, but I couldn't touch her! She had some type of covering around her. It was strange, nobody could touch her! This covering started at the top of her head to her feet, about 30cm (12 inches). That was what shocked me the most. I've lay my hands on people before, in service to the Lord, but something like this had never happened before! I said, "Oh, something must be happening," and I started to pray and to give thanks to the Lord. Suddenly, I felt great joy. The sorrow in my heart was gone, the pain was gone, and I now felt joyful and happy! We continued praying and about at 4:00 PM, my daughter fell to the floor.

During prayer, I felt shortness of breath; I couldn't breathe. I felt a pain in my abdomen and in my heart. I felt my blood going dormant, and tremendous pain all over my body. All I could say was, "Lord, give me strength, give me strength!" because I felt I couldn't go on. I had no strength, it was leaving me! When I looked up to heaven, in the spiritual realm, not with my physical eyes, I saw heaven opening up. I saw angels, not two nor ten, but millions of them gathering together. In the midst of the millions of angels, I saw a Light, 10,000 times brighter than the sun. And I said, "Lord that is You who is coming!"

When she fell down, we tried to stand her up, but she was unable to stand on her own. At this time, we were able to touch her. She was saying, "Pray. I don't have strength, Mommy, I don't have strength and I feel pain." First, she felt pain in her heart, and then it went down near her abdomen. We kept on praying and pleading with the Lord. The Lord took her life!
Never before in my life had I seen anybody die. I had to see my daughter, as she was agonizing! It was not easy at all! I couldn't understand her last few words, and at the end she stopped. I placed my hand on her face, and a mirror to her mouth, to see if she was breathing. She had no breath, she just stood still. I held her, she was still warm, as normal. I took a sheet and covered her up, and in a short while she started to get cold, very cold. Her hair was set back, like the hair of a dead person, and she turned icy cold.

Jesus was coming down, and I felt my body dying. As Jesus and the Angels got closer, I felt I was leaving, that I was no longer me. I was no longer alive, I was dying, and it was agonizing! When my body fell to the floor, they were already here. My house was full of angels, and in the midst of the angels I saw a Light, stronger than the sun! It was very difficult; I felt tremendous pain, as my soul and spirit were being torn away.
I was crying and screaming, as I saw my body on the floor. I asked, "Lord, what is happening? What is happening?" I wanted to touch my body and get inside it again, but when I tried, it was like to grabbing air: I couldn't touch it. My hand went straight through it. None of those who were praying there could hear me! And I shouted, "Lord, help me!"

My husband arrived while we were praying, and he saw her there. The Lord gave me strength at that moment because I didn't know what to do. It was like she was in a coma, but I knew she was OK, because it was the Lord's work. So I said "Lord, let Your will be done."

The Lord Jesus Christ

At that moment I heard the Lord's voice, a beautiful voice with thunder and love, "Fear not, Daughter, for I am Jehovah, Your God, and I have come here to show you what I have promised you. Arise, for I am Jehovah, who holds you by your right hand and tells you, Fear not, I will help you." Suddenly, I arose. I had been kneeling down, looking at my body, wanting to get back in but not being able to. When I heard His voice, fear had left me, and I was no longer scared.
As I started walking, the angels began to open a path. There was a strong light shining, and as I gazed at it, I felt peace. As I looked, I saw a beautiful, tall, elegant, muscular man. Light was projecting from Him. There was too much light for me to see His face! But I could see His beautiful hair of brilliant gold and a white garment with a wide golden girdle that crossed His chest. It read, "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS."

I looked at His feet, He was wearing shiny golden sandals, of brilliant gold. He was so beautiful! He extended His hand to me. When I took His hand, it wasn't like when I touched my body, my hand did not go through it. I asked, "What is happening?" And He said, "I am going to show you hell, so that you return and tell humanity that hell is real; that hell exists. And also, My glory will I show you, for you to tell My people to be prepared, for My glory is real and I am real."

He said, "Daughter, do not fear"- He said it again and I said, "Lord, it's just that I want to go to heaven, but not hell, because I've heard that it's horrible!" He said, "Daughter, I will be with you. I will not leave you in that place and I am going to show you that place because there are many who know that hell exists, but they have no fear. They believe it's a game, that hell is a joke, and many don't know about it. That is why I am going to show you that place, because there are more that perish than those that are entering My glory."

When He said that, I could see tears streaming down to His garments. I asked Him, "Lord, why are you crying?" He replied, "Daughter, because there are more that perish, and I will show you this, so that you will go and tell the truth and so that you will not return to that place."


Suddenly, as He was speaking, everything started to move. The Earth shook and split open, and I saw a very dark hole below.
We were standing on a sort of rock with angels surrounding us. I said, "Lord, I don't want to go to that place!" He said, "Daughter, do not fear for I am with you." In a split second we descended into the dark hole. I tried to see but there was a terrible darkness. I did see a huge circle, and hear millions of voices.
I was so hot, I felt my skin burning. I asked, "Lord, what is this? I don't want to go to this place!" The Lord said that this was just the tunnel to hell. There was a horrible, repulsive and nauseating smell, and I begged Jesus not to take me. He responded, "Daughter, it is necessary for you to come and know this place." I cried, "But why, Lord, why?" And He said, “so that you can tell the truth to humanity; humanity perishes, it's lost and few are entering My Kingdom." (Matt 7:14) In saying this, He would weep. His words strengthened and encouraged me, so I continued walking.

We arrived at the end of a tunnel, when I looked down I saw an abyss covered in flames. The Lord said "Daughter, I give this to you." It was a large binder with blank sheets of paper. "Daughter, take this pencil so that you can write all that I will show you, what you will see and hear. You will write everything as you are observing it, as you will live it." I said, "Lord, I will do it, but I am already seeing so much, Lord. I am seeing souls being tormented, and immense flames."

Time was going by, and my daughter was still lying there. "Lord, what is happening?" Tears were coming out of her eyes, but when I wiped them away, they would just come again. I placed a mirror to her mouth to see if she was breathing, there was nothing. We checked her pulse, nothing. We placed a hand on her stomach, nothing. The servant of the Lord said, "The place where she is, is not a place of smiles but a place of torment."

I told Jesus, "I will testify that hell is real, that hell exists, but take me out of here now!" And He replied, "Daughter, we haven't even entered that place, and I have shown you nothing yet, and already you want Me to take you out of this place?" "Lord, please take me out of here," I said. Then we started to descend into the abyss! I started to cry and scream, "Lord, no, no, no, no- I don't want to go!" and He would reply, "You need to see this."
I saw horrible demons, of all types, both large and small. They were running so fast, and carrying something in their hands. "Lord, why are they running like that and what are they carrying?" He answered, “Daughter, they run that way because they know their time is running out, because time is so short to destroy humanity and especially My people.

That which they carry in their hands are darts to destroy humanity, because each demon is given a name and according to the name that is given to them, they have a dart to destroy that person and bring them to this place; their goal is to destroy that person and bring them to hell." And I would see the demons running and exiting toward Earth and He told me. "They are going to Earth to bring and throw humanity into this place." As He said this He would weep, He would weep so very much. He was weeping all the time and I would cry too.

My Daughter was dead for 23 hours, but I did not notify the authorities. I prayed, "Lord, I will wait for 24 hours. If my daughter is not back in 24 hours, I will call a doctor." But, the Lord brought her back before 24 hours were up.

The Lord said to me, "Are you ready to see what I am going to show you?" "Yes, Lord," I said. He took me to a cell where I could see a young man being tormented among the flames. I noticed that the cell was enumerated, though I couldn't understand the numbers, they seemed to be backward. There was a huge plaque in that cell, and the young man had the number "666" on his forehead. He also had a big metallic plate that was encrusted into his skin. The worms that were eating him, were unable to damage that plate; neither did the flames burn it. He screamed, "Lord, have mercy on me. Take me out of this place. Forgive me, Lord!" But Jesus would respond, "It's late, too late: I gave you opportunities and you would not repent."

I asked Jesus, "Lord, why is he here?" Then I recognized him. On Earth, this young man knew the Word of God, but abruptly he walked away from the Lord, preferring alcohol, drugs and walking on the wrong path. He did not want to follow the way of the Lord. Jesus warned him many times on what could happen to him. Jesus said, "Daughter, he is in this place because anyone who rejects My Word already has a judge: The Word that I have spoken will judge him in that last day," (John 12:48) and then Jesus wept.

When the Lord weeps, it's different than we do. He would weep with this pain in His heart and He would sob profoundly. "I did not create hell for humanity," Jesus said. So I asked Him, "Then why is humanity here, Lord?" He answered, "Daughter, I created hell for satan and his angels, who are the demons; (Matt. 25:41) but, because of sin and the lack of repentance, humanity ends here, and there are more that perish than those who reach My glory!" He continued weeping and it would hurt me so much to see how He cried. "Daughter, I gave My life for humanity, so that it would not perish, so that it would not end up in this place. I gave My life out of love and mercy, so that humanity would proceed to repentance and could enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jesus would moan as someone who could no longer withstand the pain, that's how much pain He felt watching the people here.

Being with Jesus, made me feel safe. I thought, "If I let go of the Lord, I'll be stuck here!" I asked, "Jesus, do I have relatives in this place." He looked at me as I was crying and He said, "Daughter, I am with you," because I was so scared. He took me to another cell. I never could have imagined seeing a relative of mine in that cell. I saw this woman being tormented, she had worms that would eat her face off, and demons would plunge a type of spear into her body. She would scream, "No, Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me, please, take me out of this place for one minute!" (Luke 16:24)

In Hell, people are tormented with the memories of what they did on Earth. Demons would mock people and tell them, "Worship and praise because this is your kingdom!" and the people would scream remembering that they knew God, because they knew the Word. Those who had known the Lord were tormented twofold.
The Lord said, "There is no other opportunity [for those here]; there is still opportunity for those who are alive." I asked Him, "Lord, why is my great-grandmother here? I don't know if she ever knew you. Why is she here in hell, Lord?" He replied, "Daughter, she is here because she failed to forgive...Daughter, he who does not forgive, neither will I forgive him."

I asked, "Lord, but You do forgive, and You are merciful." And He answered, "Yes, Daughter, but it is necessary to forgive, because they have not forgiven many people, and that is why many people are in this place, because they failed to forgive...Go and tell humanity that it is time to forgive, and especially My people, for many of My people have not forgiven. Tell them to rid themselves of grudges, of resentment, of that hatred in their hearts, for it is time to forgive!

If death were to surprise that person who has failed to forgive, that person may go to hell, for no one can purchase life." When we left that place, my great grandmother was engulfed in fire and she screamed, "Aaaah," and began to blaspheme the name of God, she would curse Him; every person in hell blasphemes against God.

As we left that area, I could see that hell was full of tormented souls. Many people would extend their hands out, begging Jesus to help them and take them out of there. But the Lord could not do anything for them and they would start blaspheming God. Then Jesus would weep and say, "It hurts Me to hear them, it hurts Me to see what they do, because I can no longer do anything for them.

What I will tell you is that I still have opportunity for he who is still on Earth, who has not yet died, who is still alive; he still has time to repent!"

The Lord told me there were many famous people in Hell, and also many people who had known about the Lord. He said, “I am going to show you another part of the furnace." We came to a place where a woman was surrounded by flames. She was in great torment and would scream, begging the Lord for mercy. Jesus pointed to her with his hand and told me, "Daughter, that woman that you see over there, surrounded by flames, is Selena." As we started getting closer, she screamed, "Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me Lord, take me out of this place!" But the Lord looked at her and said, "It's late, it's too late. You cannot repent now."

She saw me and said, "Please, I beg you, go tell people about this, please speak out and do not be silent; go and tell them not to come to this place; go and tell them not to listen to my songs, nor sing my songs." (1 John 2:15)

So I asked her, "Why do you want me to go and say that?" And she answered, "Because every time people sing and listen to my songs, I am tormented even more, the person who does this, who sings and listens to my songs, is walking to this place.

Please, go tell them not to come here; go tell them that hell is real!" She would scream and demons would hurl spears from afar into her body and she would cry, "Help me, Lord, have mercy on me, Lord!" But sadly, the Lord told her, "It is too late."

I looked all over that area, it was full of singers and artists who have died. All they did was sing and sing, they wouldn't stop singing. The Lord explained, "Daughter, the person who is here, must continue doing here, whatever they did on Earth, if they had not repented."

As I was observing the area, I noticed a lot of demons that were spilling down some type of rain. I actually thought it was raining. But I noticed the people in flames running away from the rain and shouting, "No, help me, Lord!...No, this can't be," and the demons would laugh and tell the people, "Praise and worship because this is your kingdom forever and ever!" I saw the flames increase and people's worms would multiply! There was no water there, it was brimstone that would multiply the flames and increase each person's anguish. I asked Jesus, "What's happening?...Lord, what is this?" The Lord replied, "This is the wages of anyone who has not repented." (Psalms 11:6)

Then the Lord took me to a place where there was a very well-known man. Before now, I used to live as a double minded young Christian girl. I used to think that any person that died would go to Heaven; that those who celebrated mass, would also go to heaven, but I was wrong.

When Pope John Paul II died, my friends and relatives would tell me that he had gone to heaven. All the news on TV, on Extra and many other places would say, "Pope John Paul II has died, may he rest in peace. He is now rejoicing with the Lord and his angels in heaven" and I believed all of it. But I was only fooling myself, because I saw him in Hell, being tormented by flames. I looked at his face, it was John Paul II! The Lord said to me, "Look, Daughter, that man that you see there, is Pope John Paul II. He is here in this place; he is being tormented because he did not repent."

But I asked , "Lord, why is he here? He used to preach at church." Jesus replied, "Daughter, no fornicator, no idolater, no one who is greedy an d no liar will inherit My Kingdom." (Eph 5:5)

I replied, "Yes, I know that is true, but I want to know why he is here, because he used to preach to multitudes of people!" And Jesus responded, "Yes, Daughter, he may have said many things, but he would never speak the truth as it is. He never said the truth and they know the truth and although he kn ew the truth, he preferred money over preaching about salvation. He would not offer reality; would not say that hell is real and that heaven also exists; Daughter, now he is here in this place."

When I looked at this man, he had a large serpent with needles, wrapped around his throat, and he would try to take it off. I pleaded with Jesus, "Lord, help him!" The man would scream, "Help me, Lord; have mercy on me; take me out of this place; forgive me! I repent, Lord; I want to return to Earth, I want to go back to Earth to repent." The Lord observed him and said to him, "You very well knew. You knew very well that this place was real...It's too late; there is no other opportunity for you."

The Lord said, "Look, Daughter, I am going to show you the life of this man." Jesus showed me a huge screen on which I could observe how this man offered mass many times to the multitudes. And how the people who were there were so idolatrous. Jesus said, "Look, Daughter, there are many idolaters in this place. Idolatry will not save, Daughter. I am the only One who saves, and outside of Me, no one saves. I love the sinner, but I hate sin, Daughter. Go and tell humanity that I love them and that they need to come to Me."

As the Lord was speaking, I began to see how this man received multitudes of coins and bills; money, all of which he would keep. He had so much money. I saw images of this man seated on a throne, but I was also able to see beyond that. While it's true that these people do not get married, I can assure you, I'm not making this up, the Lord showed it to me, those people do sleep with nuns; with many women there!

The Lord showed me these people living in fornication, and the Word says that no fornicator will inherit His Kingdom. As I was watching all of this, the Lord told me, "Look Daughter, all of this which I am showing you is what goes on, what he lived and what keeps on happening among many people, among many priests and popes existing." Then he told me, "Daughter, go and tell humanity that it's time to turn to Me."

The Lord showed me a place where many people were walking to hell. I asked Him, "Lord, how is it that they walk to this place?" He replied, "I will show you." He showed me a tunnel with many people walking through it. These people were chained from hand to foot. They were dressed in black and carrying a load on their back. Jesus said, "Look Daughter, those people that you see there, those people don't know Me yet. That which they carry on their backs is sin, but go and tell them to turn their burden over to Me, and I will give them rest; that I am He who forgives all their sins...Daughter, go and tell those people to come to Me, for I await them with open arms, and go tell them that they are walking to this place."

As I was watching the people walking, I said, "Lord, that person over there is my cousin; that young man is my cousin, Lord, and that young girl coming down is also my cousin; my family is coming to this place!" He replied, "Daughter, they are walking to this place, but go and tell them where they are walking, go and tell them they are walking to hell. Go and tell them that I have chosen you as My watchman...I have chosen you as My watchman, for it means that you are to tell the truth.

You must go and tell all that I have shown you. If you do not speak out and something happens to that person, his blood will be poured over you, but if you go and do as I have told you, then that person has an account with Me. If the person does not repent, then the responsibility resting upon you will be lifted, for the account will rest upon that person and his blood will not be poured over you. (Ezekiel 3:18)"

Jesus told me that many famous people were walking to that place, famous and important people. Take for example, Michael Jackson. This man was famous all over the world but he was a satanist. Although many people may not see it that way, but it is the truth. This man had satanic covenants: He came to agreement with the devil in order to achieve fame and attract many fans.

Those steps that he performed, that's the way I saw demons walk while tormenting people in hell. They would slide backward and not move forward, while they shout; enjoying the anguish they impose upon the people.

Let me tell you that Michael Jackson is in hell. The Lord showed him to me after Michael died. He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames. I cried to Jesus, "Why?" It wasn't easy to see how this man was being tormented and how he would scream. Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson's songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell. Right now, renounce it in the name of Jesus! Jesus wants to set you free, so that you will not be lost.

The Lord said, "Daughter, there are also people who know Me, that are walking to this place." I asked, "Lord, how can people who know You also come here?" He replied, "That person who has left My ways and that person who is living a double life." He started showing me people who were walking to Hell. They were tied from their hands to their feet.
They each wore a white garment, but it was torn, stained and wrinkled. Jesus said, "Daughter, see how My people have walked away from Me. Daughter, I want to tell you that I am not coming for these people. I am coming for a holy people, ready, without blemish, without wrinkle and without defilement...Go and tell them to return to the old paths."(Eph. 5:26-27)

I started to see many of my uncles and many other people who had walked away from the Lord's ways. "Go and tell them that I am waiting for them, to surrender their loads to Me, and I will give them rest." Jesus was weeping, "Daughter, they are coming this way. Go and tell your uncles; go and tell your relatives that they are coming this way! Daughter, many will not believe you, but I am your faithful witness, I am your faithful witness. I will never leave you. Even if they do not believe you, Daughter, go and tell them the truth, for I am with you. I will also show you, Daughter, how people arrive at this place."

We went to a tunnel where there were a multitude of people falling into the abyss. Not 1 thousand, not 2 thousand, but as many as the sand of the sea, countless. They were falling by the second, like handfuls of sand being thrown down. The souls were falling rapidly. Jesus was weeping, He said, "Daughter, this is how humanity perishes; this is how it is lost!...Daughter, it hurts Me to see how humanity perishes."
Jesus said, "Demons also hold meetings in this place." And I said, "Demons hold meetings?" Jesus said, "Yes, Daughter, they meet to plan, to plan what they will do to humanity. They hold daily secret meetings." And with that, Jesus took me to a cell, where I saw a wooden table with chairs around it. And there were demons – all types of demons. Jesus explained, "Daughter, they are now planning to go and destroy the pastors’ families, the missionaries, the evangelists and all of those who know Me. Daughter, they want to destroy them; they have many darts."

The demons would laugh and mock and say, "Let's destroy humanity and bring it to this place." Jesus said, "Go and tell them that I am with them. Tell them to not leave open doors, to leave no place to satan, for satan walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.(1st Peter 5:8)"

But the Word says, "he walks as", because the only real Lion, is the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Revelations 5:5)! Jesus said, "Daughter, they especially want to destroy the pastors’ family." I asked, "Why do they want to destroy the pastors' family?" And Jesus responded, "Because they are in charge of thousands of people that are the sheep of the fold; the sheep of the fold that the Lord has given them. They want these people to return to the world again; to look back and end up in hell...Go and tell the pastors to speak the truth. Go and tell them to preach the truth and to speak everything that I tell them and to never keep to themselves what I tell them!"

As we left that place and He told me, "I want to show you something else...There are also children in this place." And I replied, “Children in this place, Lord? Why are there children here? Your Word says, 'let the children to come unto Me, and do not stop them: for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

Jesus replied, "Daughter, it's true, of such is the kingdom of Heaven, but that child must come to Me, for he who comes to Me I will not throw out." (John 6:37)

Instantly, the Lord showed me an eight year old boy being tormented in fire. The boy cried, "Lord have mercy of me, take me out of this place, I don't want to be here!" He kept crying and screaming. I saw demons around this boy, that resembled cartoon figures. There was Dragon, BoyZ, Ben 10, Pokémon, Doral, etc.

"Lord, why is this boy here?" Jesus showed me a large screen of this boy's life. I saw how he would spend all of his time in front of the TV, watching these cartoons.

Jesus said, "Daughter, these animated cartoons, those movies, those soap operas that are seen daily on TV are satan's instruments to destroy humanity…Look, Daughter how this came to be."

I saw how the boy was rebellious and disobedient toward his parents. When his parents talked to him, he would run away, throwing things and disobeying them. After this happened, a car ran over him and ended his life. Jesus told me, "Ever since then, he has been in this place."
I looked at the boy as he was being tormented. Jesus said, "Daughter, go and tell parents to instruct their child as is written in My Word." (Proverbs 22:6) The Word of God is real, it tells us to correct a child with the rod, but not every moment, only when the child has been disobedient to his parents. (Proverbs 22:15)

The Lord told me something that is very sad and very painful. He said, "Daughter, there are many children in this place because of animated cartoons, because of rebellion." I asked Him, "Lord, why are animated cartoons to blame for this?" And He explained, "Because they are demons that carry rebellion, disobedience, bitterness and hatred to children; and other demons enter these children, so that they do not do good things, but do that which is bad: whatever children see on TV, they want to do in reality." Hell exists, hell is real, and even children must decide with whom they will go. I said, “Lord, tell me, why are there children in this place?" And Jesus answered, "Once children have knowledge that there is a heaven and a hell, then they have a place to choose."

The Kingdom of Heaven

There's much more to be said about hell, but now I'll share what I saw in Heaven. Jesus said, "Daughter, now I am going to show you what I have prepared for My Holy people." We left that place, going out through a tunnel. While traveling through this tunnel, we suddenly came out to where there was light. I saw no more darkness, torment or flames. He said, "Daughter, I am going to show you My glory,” and we started ascending to the Kingdom of Heaven! Soon we arrived at a door with giant letters written in gold, it said:
"Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jesus said, "Daughter, go in, for I am the Door and he who enters through Me, will enter, will go and will find pastures."(John 10:9)

After the Lord said these words, the door opened and we entered. I saw angels giving glory, honor and praise to our Heavenly Father! (Revelations 7:11-12)

As we continued walking, we approached a table of which I could see the beginning, but not the end. (Revelations 19:9)

I observed a large throne, and a smaller throne surrounded by thousands of chairs. Between the chairs were garments along with crowns. The Lord told me, "Daughter, the crown that you see there is the crown of life." (Revelations 2:10)
Jesus said, "Look, Daughter, this is what I have prepared for My people." I saw that the table was covered with a white tablecloth with gold edging. There were plates, gold goblets, fruit; everything was served. It was so beautiful. There was a very large vessel in the middle of the table, which contained the wine for the dinner. And Jesus said, "Daughter, everything is ready for the arrival of My church."

We went to another place, where I saw many people in a garden. There were well known people from the Bible, but they were not aged, but young. There was this young man with a large kerchief in his hand who danced and whirled around and praised the Lord. Jesus said, "Daughter that young man that you see there is My servant, David." He was giving glory to our Father. Suddenly, another young man passes by and Jesus told me, "Daughter, he is Joshua; he is Moses; this other young man is Abraham." Jesus would call them out by their names. They all had the same countenance! Jesus said, "Daughter, that woman that you see there is My servant, Mary Magdalene; My servant, Sara."

But then He told me, "Daughter, she is Mary. Mary, who gave birth to Jesus Christ, Who I am. Daughter, I want to tell you that she has no knowledge of the things happening on Earth. I want to tell you that you must go and tell humanity, tell idol worshippers that hell is real, and that idolaters will not inherit My kingdom, but go and tell them that if they repent, they can enter My heavenly dwelling place. Go tell them that I love them and tell them that Mary has no knowledge of anything [happening on Earth] and the only One that they must exalt is Me, because neither Mary, nor St. Gregory nor any other saint can offer salvation.

I am the only One who saves and outside of Me – nobody, nobody, nobody- saves!" He repeated it three times - that nobody could save; only He saves.

Humanity has been deceived believing in an assumed saint, which is not, but is a demon, working through an idol made by the hand of man. But, let me tell you that the Lord wants to give you the best. He wants you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; to repent and to leave idolatry. Because idolatry will not save you. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one that saves, who gave His life for you, for me and for all humanity. The Lord has a great message for humanity. As He wept, He told me, "Please, Daughter, do not be silent; go and tell the truth, go and tell what I have shown you."
I saw how Mary worshipped the Lord, and I saw women with very beautiful long hair. I said, "Lord, how pretty the way they wear their hair." He told me, "Daughter, that which you see is the veil that I have given to a woman." He added, "Daughter, go and tell women to take care of the veil that I have given them."

Then He told me, "I have something to show you that is very important." I looked far away and saw a shining city, a city of gold! I said, "Lord, what is that? I want to go over there." He answered, “Daughter, I will show you what is over there. What you are seeing is the heavenly dwelling, the heavenly mansions which are ready for My people."
We started walking, until we reached a golden bridge. As we walked over it, we came upon streets that were made of pure gold! (Revelations 21:21)

Everything was so beautiful, so brilliant, like shining glass, it was absolutely supernatural, inexplicable! We saw heavenly mansions, and watched thousands of angels constructing them. Some of the angels constructed very rapidly, others constructed slowly and others were not constructing at all. I asked the Lord, "Why are some angels constructing rapidly, while others are slower, and some have those stopped constructing?"

The Lord explained, "Daughter, that is how My people work on Earth, and the angels work as My children work on Earth....Daughter, My people no longer spread the gospel. My people no longer fast. My people no longer go to the streets to distribute tracts telling the truth. My people are now ashamed. Go and tell My People to return to the old paths. Those angels that you saw that were doing nothing belong to those people that have walked away from My paths...Daughter, go and tell My people to return to the old paths,"(Jeremiah 6:16) and in saying this He started to weep.

I heard other people singing, so I asked Him, "Lord, I want You to take me over there, where those people are singing." Jesus was observing me, I could tell how He was observing me, but I couldn't see His face, only the movements of His face. While His tears were pouring over His garment, I asked Him why He was weeping. But He would not explain it to me.

Later we arrived at this beautiful garden. There, among the heavenly mansions, I saw flowers that were swaying. That must have been the singing I heard. The Lord pointed with His finger and said, "Daughter, look, they praise Me; they worship Me! My people no longer do as they did before. My people no longer praise, no longer worship Me; no longer seek Me as before. That is why I told you, Daughter, to go and tell My people to seek Me, for I will go, I will go, I will go - for a people that seeks Me in spirit and in truth, for a people that are ready, for a holy people!" And weeping He said, “I am coming, I am coming!"

Then I understand why He was weeping, because He is coming, but not for those that are half- hearted. He will return only for a people that is seeking Him in spirit and in truth.

Then the Lord told me that I had to return to Earth. I said, "Lord, I don't want to go back to Earth! What do you mean – Earth? I want to stay with You. You brought me here and I'm not going anywhere because I am with You!" Jesus said, "Daughter, it is necessary that you return to Earth to go and testify that My glory is real, that what I am going to show you is real; that what you have seen is real, so that humanity will come to Me, repent and not perish."

Weeping, I fell to His feet; there I saw wounds on His feet. I asked, "Lord, what are these wounds here?" He answered, "Daughter, it's the scar from that yesterday, when I gave My life for humanity."
He also showed me the scars in his hands, I asked, "Lord, why do you still have that?" He told me, "Daughter, it is the scar that has remained." So I asked, "Will this go away?" He replied, "Daughter, this will go away when all the saints are reunited here

...Daughter, I must take you to Earth: Your family and the nations are waiting for you."
I tried to refuse but He pointed down to Earth with His finger and said, "Look, those people that you see down there are your relatives; that body that you see there, is where you have to return...It is time to leave this place."

Then He took me along a beautiful crystal clear river and said "Daughter, enter the river and submerge yourself." Before I entered that crystalline river of living water, I was experiencing indescribable joy, but after I submerged myself and came out, I was elated. I thought I would not have to return home, but the Lord told me, "Daughter, you have to return to Earth…Daughter, I am going to show you something: How I am coming to Earth for a holy people. I am going to show you how the day of the Rapture will be."

Rapture and Tribulation

We walked to a place with a giant screen, and I saw people in it. I could observe the whole world. Then suddenly I saw thousands of people disappearing. Pregnant women had their pregnancy disappear, and they looked like they had gone crazy screaming.
Children had disappeared from all over. Many people were running from here to there, screaming, "This can't be, this can't be! What's happening?"
I saw those who had known the Lord, but were left behind. (Matt 24:40-41)

They were saying that Christ had come, the Rapture happened. They screamed and wanted to kill themselves, but they couldn't. The Lord told me, "Daughter, in those days, death will flee; Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth." (Revelations 9:6)

There were accidents but I didn't see a single dead person: all of them were alive, although injured.
I observed enormous traffic with thousands of people. He told me, "Daughter, look, this is how everything will happen." I then saw people running from one place to another, shouting, "Christ came, Christ came!" They would plead, "Lord, forgive me, forgive me, take me with You!"
But sadly the Lord said, "It will be too late. The time to repent is now…Daughter, go tell humanity to seek Me, for during that time there will no longer be opportunity. (Isaiah 55:6) Daughter, it will be too late for all those that stay behind." When Jesus observed how people were left behind, He began to weep and said, "Daughter, I will go to Earth as it says in 1 Thes. 4: 16-17 : “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first; Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

But not everyone will go with the Lord, only those who are doing His will (Matthew 7:21) and living a holy life. For the Lord told me, "Only those that are holy will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, (Hebrews 12:14) No one knows, neither the day nor the hour in which I will go for My holy people, not even the angels know it." (Matthew 24:36)

On the screen I saw people running around. Magazines and TV news said that “CHRIST HAD COME.” The screen closed, and Jesus finished by saying, "I will go for a holy people." This was all He showed me. After that, He brought me back here to Earth.

With angels gathered round, we began to descend these beautiful stairs; white steps with flowers surrounding them. I was crying all the way down, pleading with Jesus, "Lord, please, don't leave me here. Take me with You!" He responded, "Daughter, the nations, your family are waiting for you...Daughter, you must enter that body. You must receive life, Daughter, so you can go and testify what you have seen. Many will not believe you; many will believe you, but I am your faithful witness. I am with you. I will never leave you."

Return to Earth

When my daughter came back, we were waiting there, and she was stretched out on the floor. She went, "uuhmm," nothing else. I said, "Thank You, Lord, because my daughter is back!"
We all gave thanks to the Lord. Soon she started breathing slowly, little by little. After about five hours, she was able to open her eyes and talk. At first we could hardly understand what she was saying; it just wasn't clear. She had no strength. We needed to keep the windows covered, because her eyes couldn't handle the light.

Being curious, we all wanted her to tell us what she saw. But because she was so weak, she could only tell us a little. It was 2 weeks until she was able to share her full testimony.

Demons came to torment her after all this. She could see them clearly; they would try to hide themselves in the shadows. They were here within three days of her return, before she could really talk. She asked them what they wanted and they replied, "We have come to make a pact with you...You must shut up. You must not say anything of what you saw down there, because if you speak, we will kill you." She described the demons as ugly, large and fat, ugly.

She said there were no words to describe how horrible they looked. She would rebuke them, but they would not leave. When they came they would jump on her and try to choke her. She would fight back rebuking them, but she had no strength. One time when she rebuked them, a tremendous light appeared and then they fled! It was the Lord.
What my daughter went through was not easy. She was given a profound message to all humanity, to seek God. But humanity thinks that what it is doing is alright. Youth that are into drugs and alcohol, they think that's OK, but it's not. One of the greatest experiences that my daughter had was when she saw many entertainers in hell, including dancers, and also Pope John Paul II.

It's time to seek the Lord, to repent and to humble oneself before Him. The Word of God is true when it says, "Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away."(Mark 13:31) The Word of the Lord will be fulfilled in its due time. The Lord also showed her a tunnel, where people were walking to hell. Many people are already in hell. It's real! But even the Lord's people don't believe this, many just don't believe.

The main message was that we should seek the Lord, not just from our lips, but from the deepest part of our heart, for the Lord's coming is at hand. Jesus said , "I am no longer at the door; I am beyond the door. I will come soon; My coming is near.

My people have left Me and gone back to worldly things...Tell My people to return to the old paths." The church today must go back to the old paths; that it is where we are in the fire, seeking the Lord. When the trumpet sounds we must be ready to meet the Lord, and it will be wonderful!

The Lord's Urgent Message

Angelica, speaking before an audience:
The Lord told me, "Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth. In those days, He will no longer be on Earth." (2 Thes. 2:7) And I saw enormous traffic, with accidents. Many people wanted to kill themselves, but Jesus said, "They shall seek death, but death shall flee from humanity. Death will no longer be during that time." (Revelations 9:6)

I saw people watching TV and magazines that read, "Thousands and Thousands have Disappeared." Many already knew that Christ had come for His holy people. Those who knew the Lord, but were left behind, went crying through the streets, wanting to kill themselves, but they could not do anything.

While in Heaven, Jesus said, "I will come for a holy people and I will come soon for My church." But two weeks ago the Lord told me, "Daughter, I take pleasure in what you are doing, that you are fulfilling what I have given you, but do not tell My People that I am coming soon. Tell My People that I am coming right away." Again the Lord said, "Tell My people that I am coming right away and that I am coming for a holy people. Tell My People that only the holy ones, only the holy ones will see Me!...And do not be silent: Keep on declaring what I have told you."

Angelica praying with the audience:
Everybody, close your eyes, and place your right hand over your heart. Raise your left hand and if you feel like crying, then cry. Now tell the Lord what you feel in your heart. For those who want to accept the Lord, repeat after me.
Lord, I thank You for Your love and Your mercy, thank You, Lord, for the word that has reached my heart today. Father, I ask for Your forgiveness. Forgive me. Wash me with Your precious blood. Write my name in the Book of Life. Accept me as Your child, Lord. Right now, I forgive anyone that I had not been able to forgive. I renounce to my lack of forgiveness. I renounce all things that have hindered Your flow, and I ask You to transform me and to fill me with Your presence every day. Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

This testimony is not a lie; it's not a joke; it is not a story; it is not a dream, hell is real! Hell exists! To anyone that does not believe, I want to tell you that hell is real, very real. I cannot find words to tell you how real it is. I wish that you could experience it yourself.

Angelica, speaking with Narrator:
The time is soon, God allows signs to reveal to humanity what is about to happen. Do not remain condemned; that's what the devil wants. Ask yourself if you are already walking through hell's tunnel? Today is the day of salvation, today is the day to invite Jesus, your Savior into your life. These are simple and yet great words to say: "I accept You, Jesus as my Lord and my only Savior. I give You my life and soul with all my heart. I want to be with You for eternity.”

Choose your final destiny: Life or death, heaven or hell, Jesus or the devil. It's clear, either you belong to Jesus or to the devil. Either you do what is right or you do what is wrong. You choose your destiny: eternal life or the lake of fire. Think about it. Decide now. Jesus Christ died on the cross for each one of us, for our sins, and He gave us the opportunity of salvation by His mercy. Accept Christ as your only Savior!
Now that you've heard this testimony, don't let this moment be the one you regret forever in hell.”

Rev. 19:9 Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!...These are the true words of God.
Rev. 20:15 If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.
Rev. 21:4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.
Rev. 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.
Rev. 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.
“No idolaters” will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
Ex. 20:3-5 You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God...
Rev. 21:21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.
Rev. 21:27 Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life.
Rev. 22:7 Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book.
Rev. 22:11 Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.
Rev. 22:12 Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.
Rev. 22:13-15 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
(The video documentary was produced by the ministry: “El Sueño de Dios” together with “Godfilms”) This video was originally in Spanish. Transcribed into English from Video (Thanks to Sandra) This testimony has been edited & minimally abridged. Most Illustrations were not part of the original testimony.


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We should be ready... Lord have mercy on us.

kasmeara said...

i believe in god d father creator of heaven an earth lord all i ask is to help me go on your path help me cuz i belive am a sinner but no longer wats to be pray 4 me an give me the wisdom an strength to spread ur word an do d rite things an help me to be more like u jesus amen

Anonymous said...

this experience you had me reading it really scared me but i enjoyed reading it i believe and i will spread the word with you and tell people to read this I'm sixteen years old and from Manitoba and I'm pregnat and is it a bad thing being pregnat at the age of sixteen.? i really don't know oh so LORD HELP ME....

Anonymous said...

I do believe in God he is coming so my friends BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GOD IS REAL PEOPLE...may he give us the grace to live righteously. Lord teach me to become a better mom and bring up my son in line with your word. I LOVE U LORD!

Anonymous said...

god said that you should not be deceive, because rapture is not all about thinking just read all about forth proft,and read your bible. god died because of our sin ,what you need is to pray in your hole heart.god we answer you all about rev in bible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord.Pass This Message To Everyone. AS HE WHO SHARES THE WORD OF GOD WILL BE SAVED...

Maria Tanamera said...

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth I believe in the Holy Spirit. This is so true, I am so thankful to our Lord for choosing her as a watchman and showing her hell and His Kingdom. This a message for us all whether you wanna believe it or not. But its a message Turn to God now before its too late. Please let us all tell this message to all our sisters and brothers. I believe that Hell is real and everyone or who ever that does not know God will end up in hell with all the devils. Let us pray everyday and believe in our one and only God.

Anonymous said...

i am muslim and i have to say this is so fake that its unbelievable. i mean come on jesus was a man and now hes a god and holy spirit and the father and the son. In Islam Allah(god) is the only god and has no kids and wives cause he is the creator and only lord. Jesus and abraham and mohammed and etc were all just messengers and prophets to bring the message of god or revelations, not some girl who had some weird dream. Once you die you never come back the lord made this for every human or jin. It is not justifyied that the lord would just randomly choose a girl to tell a message on a blog. Mohammed is the last prophet and messenger of all the prophets including jesus and the others. judaism moses and some others,christianity jesus, and the last message islam mohammed. I advise you not to give in to this blasphemy that she is putting into you, you are only being tricked in your minds by the devil egging you on saying this is the right message. If you have any questions just research the quran and you will get all you questions answered in the suras or chapters(please dont be ignorant and if you want to judge just first read it or find out about the true meaning,like i did with the bible and then comment back) which were not changed like what happened to the bible which should not have been changed in the first place.

Anonymous said...

P.S michael jackson worshipped god cause he was a muslim, muslims worship god the same god that christians are suppose to worship not satan(but we dont worship jesus christ, we only respect him as one of the messengers of god like mohammed)

Anonymous said...

being Islamic ( not Muslim)and Christian are two very very different things.... and Jesus is a god so if you dont worship Jesus you dont worship god!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Angelica mentioned that the beautiful voice introduced himself as Jehovah, the God. But then Angelica kept on mentioning Jesus Christ? Why is Jesus' hand still bleeding? He Heals and Saves and yet portray himself to be still Hurt?

Anonymous said...

i truly love you LORD,,sori for what i have done

Anonymous said...

i just read this article and it was amazing everything you say is true.

Anonymous said...

being Islamic ( not Muslim)and Christian are two very very different things.... and Jesus is a god so if you dont worship Jesus you dont worship god!!!!!

Not being discriminate( as whoever you are ), but to react like that is a bit intimidating. If you really are a Christian, then it would be right to believe that it is not good to throw stones to others. Just have faith and live a good life.

As for this blog, quite narrative and substantial. As for my belief, I can not totally say I do at best. People pray because of fear; people turn back because of fear. Quite essential for politics, fear has been an effective instrument - to think that the Church could have been the greatest political power base seated on earth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This Actually Made Me Cry...

lilmisscandy1 said...

Lord i do my best to pray to you, but i receive no answers most of the time. I truly believe this testimony , i don't want to go to hell Lord, help me, guide me rebuild me. Bring me friends that i can truly call my sisters and brothers. Lord forgive me for what i have done, please Lord take control over that situation, i am so sorry that i have let you down as well as my parents. But i am here asking for a second chance Lord father, please God forgive me and give me a better testimony. i know right about now that my spirit it walking down that tunnel to hell, but lord tomorrow is a better day as i have no repented and want you into my life from today Lord. I'm sorry for wanting to try things which are not of my age, please Lord forgive me and my best-friends. Rebuild my family, and my best friends family. Lord as i am writing this i am feeling so good in my spirit. Thank you for using your daughter Angelica to bless us lord.. I love you so much. xx

Anonymous said...

being human we cannot contol ourselves to temptation,,we don't want to be bad but still we doing bad things,we want to be holy and kind and nice but still,we cannot control our speak & think to others criticism.Lord we truly sorry a big apologize for what we have done that we don't notice our bad doings.You are not deserve to be hurt because of the people,we are not deserve to enter your Kingdom but please help us to be good as you want us to be.Please help my family to repent and glory with a whole.forgive us.I surrender all my soul to You o Lord for my family to be save and the whole World.I LOVE YOU JESUS.ERS

Anonymous said...

This made me actually really open my eyes, and i do believe in Gods word. I became pregnant at very young age, and I felt the ambarrasement surrounded me all the time, I started to pray to God for forgiveness and to give me strength and to give me a child that smiles all the time, easy to look after and that everyone could fall in love with. God answered my prayers exactly the way I wanted. That how i know that God is with me all the time. So, thanks to Agelica. God is good all the time xx

Anonymous said...

This was truly the biggest wake up call for me. i know that i have sinned and now is the time to repent. Everyone needs to know about this, PLEASE help Angelica pass this message on.

Anonymous said...

i believed in angelica's testimony..lord forgive me for all my us lead your us to do penance,to repent..lord bless my family and holy spirit guide us always..we love you lord god..please help pass this message..

Anonymous said...

Tears came from my eye sweetie i believed and i am god to tell all who i can about it i hope when the time comes it will nt be too late 4 those who do nt want to believe i believe in god jesus forgive me i love you lord i want to be where you are

Lovely said...

How i wish that there is a way to prove if someone is telling the truth or not. many people nowadays make stories to encourage people of make people join their religion doing so makes them believe in false belief. Like my friend who is a seller of aprons chef, he joined one organization and somehow change him alot but he tries to negate everything that he hears and only wants his own religion to be recognized.

Anonymous said...

im from philippines.. i shared it with my friends.. and i know im one of those who do not accept him yet as my lord father.. but now after reading this.. i suddenly felt like crying.. and when reading her prayer.. it suddenly gives me peace in my heart.. im giving up every thing to god and ill start it today.. thank you so much for doing as what god asked you.. may god bless us all.. and keep our faith to god almighty father. amen.

Anonymous said...

I am Abraham Mwangi Kahawa West, Nairobi Kenya.
True or False; should not occupy the mind of any truely founded believer. Every serious believer and indeed those who care to read must have known that some contravercial religions were formed out of certain major visions. God has not directed mankind to any human for salvation but to Christ, the only son of God in whom dwells the fullness of deity. God would like man to repent, accept Christ voluntarily and take responsibility of the decision. We should not accept Christ just to escape the punishment but out of love because He first loved us. No resurrection naration in the bible is referred to as an assurance or validation for Christian faith. Only the death & resurrection of Christ validatess our faith. Paul says "if Christ never came from the dead, our faith would be in vain or so to say, empty". Even if this girl died and rose again, she is neither the first nor the last. "lazarus, Jirus daughter etc were raised by christ but no global reference about repentance or what their experiences were is made in the bible. Even Christ never made capital out of the miracle. There is no business believing or not believing the story because it adds no value.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that cults also form out of such great occurrences if the focus is shifted from Christ. If people fail to believe the message of Christ as in the bible but instead start believing from a motivation of strange occurrences, it will not be faith on a firm foundation. The issues about Hell and heaven are adequately covered in the bible as well as repentance and forgiveness. No story told or book/papers written by scholars (with due respect) can be superior or a substitute to the bible.

I wan't to take exception to fact that angelica is pointing fingers to particular names of people in hell like Mike Jackson and the Pope John Paul II. Even though, the bible states that the evil shall be in hell while the righteous shall be in heaven, no man has been given authority to make this judgment. Angelica needs to understand that there are people who look righteous/evil in man’s eyes but God, weighs the heart. Mans inner secrets and intents are known by God and there will be surprises in the last day. Another thing is that even the vilest offender while on the death bed, can repent, believe Christ and be taken by Him, and then we are left with the history of a sinful life.
The other point to note is that Angelica is specifically identifying only the people in Hell and not in heaven. On the contrary Christ identified Lazarus at the bosom of Abraham but for the evil man in hell, there was no specific identity but a general reference "The rich man". Furthermore, neither did the Rich man go to because of his riches nor did Lazarus go to heaven because of his poverty. The key thing in the judgment was the relationship of each with God.
To point Pope as being in hell is a dangerous message that may bonder on hate against the Catholics. If indeed it is true, the deal is sealed and the Pope will not come from hell to repent. So it is better to speak to the current living Pope Benedict, If he indeed has issues to settle with God, because he has the opportunity. Furthermore, the message of salvation through grace should be preached with love and let the hearer make a sober decision bearing in mind the responsibility and the need to account before the creator.

With this comments, I advice Christians globally, to focus on Christ with a name exalted above all names and at whose name every knee shall bow. _ And that there is no other name given among men through which we must be saved but the name of Jesus.
Abraham Mwangi Kahawa West, Nairobi Kenya

Anonymous said...

..angelica mentioned that the lord told him his name was jehova. its weird because its just another religion that was created but with no real proof. isnt it weird that the lord said it was his name instead of the other religions'?... angelica... i dont know if you are lying but are you just trying to lure people to your religion'?... you are scaring people.. its okay to give a warning but telling the public that pope john paul is in hell and telling that famous artist in hell suffer more because people idolize them... all people on earth have idols.. are you saying that all of us will go to hel bbecause we have idols'?.... we may idolize many this days but still many of us dont turn away from god.. we believe in him....

angelica... liars go to hell........ i dont know if this is true but i believe god in my own way.... not just by hearing or reading some article or news from a person.... specially when they specify their religion...


Anonymous said...

I just read this sister's testimony and I believe it. To be in Christ is to believe that He died on the Cross for our sins and that God raised Him from the dead. It is a relationship and not about a religion. Jesus is our best friend and He loves us enough to warn us about our future. He has many ways of showing us and this is just another one just like 9/11, Katrina, tsunami in Japan, just to name a few in the last few years. Time is winding down as we know it. We as a people need to repent now and turn back to God.(2 Chronicles 7:14). So many people are being deceived by the devil and it is really scary because his only motive is to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but Jesus came so that we may have life and life in abundance. (John10:10). Believe me it's worth reading and thinking about. Hopefully it will change your life.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't think this is true. Michael Jackson was a Jehovah witness, but stopped being a Jehovah witness in the "Bad" era. Also, turns out when you play his music bacwards, it has some satanic messages in it. Also, I have seen the LORD, and he has even spoken to me through visions, dreams, his word, and through people. He told me that the rapture will be happening right away, so be ready. Also, Mary only gave birth to the LORD JESUS. That's all she did! She cannot heal you, speak to you or anything else, because she's dead and in heaven! Also, I know that they showed on tv that mary came and healed folks and stuff. Well, that's not true! It was more in likely a demon or an angel (because fyi angels and demons can make them selves look like anyone they wish to) or just there minds. Believe me, I know the LORD, this is 100 percent true. If you trust God, then you must believe me and this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lord, For I am so bad to my parents, friends and my relatives, and many other more. I promise I'll try to be good. Not try, But Be Good.

Lord, please help me that my friends would understand me. Help me go to your path. Thank you for the blessings. I believe you even if I haven't read this. But after reading this, this encourage me to go to mass every sunday, but my parents doesn't say yes, I want to go to mass every sunday, I really really want to go to mass. Sorry Lord for not going to mass. I'm really sorry. Lord, please forgive me.

Sorry for I am watching cartoons, I'm really sorry. HELP ME TO BE GOOD. I love you, Lord. You are my SAVIOR!! I trust and love you. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is seriously twisted. You people are insane! Children burning for eternity because of a cartoon? Part of growing up is learning right from wrong. You don't pop out of the womb knowing Pikachu is a demon.. You make God sound like an evil, vengeful, arrogant, jealous being. "Warship me or I'll ALLOW you to be tormented for ever." Talk about pompous. People, wake up! You're afraid of what happens after you die. That's all there is to it. The Bible was written to make you feel like you're here for a reason. To give you an excuse to sin (We ALL sin. I'll be forgiven if I just repent.) To get people to behave.. and most importantly so the church can hold power and create a moral code they deem suitable. Constantine even edited parts of the bible. You have one life to live. Don't waste it by being afraid of whatever you're doing will cause you to burn for eternity. Think about it.. how can God be all powerful yet not be able to open the cage and let a screaming, tormented child free? It's sick! This is an all-loving God? You know who rules by scaring people and telling them they love them if they do just as they say? Dictators! You say Jesus died for us so we should warship him.. you know how many people were nailed to crosses and nobody remembers their names? And all that happened to Jesus is he left the suffering of life to become a ruler in Heaven. Wow, he sacrificed so much! Seriously people.. wake up! I was agnostic before I read this. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

this is breathe taking...eye opening...makes me speechless.

Anonymous said...

this is so breathless if icould ever happen to me i would truly understand what you've been though...the message i want to leave with the writers is neverloss you faith in god no that he's always there for you...i try mybest torepent and stay with godsoi willnot go to hell...........

Anonymous said...

WOW is all I really have to say and how I feel about all this. I am a Christian or more of the follower of christ but I must admit after reading this I had to ask my self is my spirit wearing black and so much heavy loads and I am afraid to say I believe I am walkind that tunnel at the same time walking away from the tunnel I do this often and my inner person fights temptation alot some times i win and sometimes i fall for it. I believe most people that are in hell where good people on earth they just sort of made bad choices that god hates, such as maybe the pope is to speak the truth and nothing but the truth however holding back vital information to keep people from hell can well enough land him there because if you r given an assignment and u withold life or death information thats bad in any circumstances. in addition all these priest i always argue about them because i know a situation as such but the truth is that at the end of the day, these men and women of god are the most tempted and its painful when they die in thier sins without repentance.

anyway to that one that thinks ANGELICA is lying and calls her testimony BULLSHIT, i wanna direct this comment towards you. You keep thinking its bullshit well i will have you know that just the way those people in hell are living their FORMER live the same down there in hell you will also be saying BULLSHIT when you get there cause from your comments you are an atheist or simply a god hater. In fact you will see death at its weakest because it will not kill u just allow you to continue suffering. I dont judge you however you are a "FOOL"! We are all sinners but YOU better confess like d rest of us. This world did not exist on its on. even you know that there is good and bad in this world so why dont you believe there is god and satan, its not about your riches its how you go about making your riches and what you do with it such as taking ones life to be wealthy, it happens. and i will tell you that tHe body you have is just a cover up 4 ur inner person, that inner person that tells u wat is wrong or right, Or that resembles you in a dream, thats ur sole and that is what leaves your body and ur body rot after cause it has no fuel. Now tell me dont you worry about where that inner being goes because it will never die, you cant kill it but it feels pain. that inner thing (SOLE)is YOU!!!

To the guy from Kenya, you speak wisely but I have to WORN YOU STOP CLAIMING ANGELICA IS POINTING FINGERS. this is the reason why the pope is in hell if this article is authentic and I do believe it is. SHE IS MARELY STATING WHAT SHE SAW IN THE SPIRIT RHALM AND SHE DID NOT JUDGE SHE IS SAYING IT LIKE IT IS AND THE WAY SHE SAW IT. If you dont believe just say you dont believe and stop trying to save those that are already damned, speak the truth and shame the devel isnt it waht god is requesting for her to do and you are doing exactly NOT that. If u were her wount you name the names. I believe this girl when she said that the devel started attacking her because by her claiming she saw MJ and the POPE will cause people to reconsider their lifestyle and the way they live their nasty lives. YOU dont know what goes on in the minds of others expecially people that are up there financially and fame wise or ordained. Like she stated those that knew god suffer twice more than others because they refused to serve him like Celena in the picture. So please stop being the typical Arican and hiding vital information just because it will affect you and you cant accept the fact taht MJ or the Pope of all peoples could be burning right now. The bible and this testimony repeadetly commands one to speak all the truth and not leave anything out so y not do that and stop accusing her of pointing fingers. FYI she did not judge anyone, you are judging her!!

Anonymous said...

for those that think children will go to hell because they watch cartoon, pls let me clear this and i believe this is what god is saying. its not about the look, rather its the substance. For example I like beyonce but I will not let my daughter or son watch her at all simply because of the substance not for who she is. I dont like her messages anymore and they are no longer suitable for kids. if a cartoon has bad words and crewl things going on in it then the childs start to immitate that cartoon and eventually turns that child to be mischieveius in school or at home, what is so good about that. Its not CARTOON that is the problem its the message if yall dont believe me how about christian cartoons, are those bad as well, no it simply the message. even regular movies- compare that movie THE PASSION OF THE CROSS and PORNO. they are the same style because its filmed and it has sound and people are involved, however the substance and the message is two differnt world, 1 may help u get to heaven while the other will definitly send u to damnation if you dont stop watching and practising. to make my point watching cartoons is not a bad thing afterall they are to keep the kids entertained but unfortunatly the devel will use SOME cartoons to get at the children expecially those that doesnt give god any sort of glory. about the 8 year old boy i really feel sorry for that sole becaue at the age of 8 was he given chance to make the right decision, wasnt he too young? was he even given the chance to accept god al his lord and personal savior? i dont know only god really understands y an 8 year old will be locked in a burning cage.

for the MUSLIM individual doesnt it bother you at all that no matter how much muslims try to take over, christ is always on the top. I honestly worry about you muslims because you all dont believe in christ and you all marry more than one wife because ALLAH once again promise you how many virgins? am sorry but that is pervertic. And you claim you know allah is OUR GOD,let me correct you ur wrong. the reason why allah has not claimed to raise the dead is because he knows better. By the way y r u muslims so damn evil, you guys kill urselves whats d deal with that, do you honestly think u will make it to heaven by killing urselves and others, very twisted!!! Am not even trying to bash muslims but YOU have your nerves to come here and demine JESUS and bring him so low to a common messenger and uphold MUHAMAD how dare you! I dont even wish you hell, you are far gone into brain washed controlled religion, that some of your kind cant tell right from wrong rather you BLOW URSELVES UP WITH A BOMB W.T.H.

for those that believe what ANGELICA went through, I say we should always remeber her in our prayers and to know that untill you go there you will truly believe, people that dont believe dont know what it is to experience such spiritual experience because they are clueless and dont care where thier soles will land but I think I know where thay're going but it sure aint heaven. I beg and pray that you all try as hard as possible to live life well. No one says live in fear but be mindful about such activities we get ourselves into and if we went too far just confess and start over. Its hard but we must do this. like the artcle states just like the bible, having sex with everybody, sleeping and cheating behind our spouses, lieing and baring false witness, hating god and coursing at him, stilling and taking the lives of others and so on.we must stay clear of things that we will never do in front of the public or our own perants. In fact if there is a god or no god these things are bad no matter how u look at them. I dont want to go to heaven and have to be worreid about a thief or a killer so i guess certain people has their own destiny.

Krison Castillo of Philippines said...

This really opened my eyes. But I am only human and I need help as well. Please do pray for me... For this to truly penetrate my being as a son of God. I am a sinner, yes, I admit. But I am willing to change my whole self for Him, my only SALVATION. Angelica, your testimony is an eye-opener. May this be read by people who seek proof that life and death is real. That what 's beyond death is real. That His Kingdom is real. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Anonymous said...

i believe in him but im so scared if my family doesnt go to heaven or me i want to be holy i want me and my family to go to heaven please im scared if its too late

Anonymous said...

For those who think this is not true or an attack to the Catholics, it's not! It's the truth! Turns out catholicism is filled with nothing but idolatry! And it's not just with mary and the "saints", it goes for quite a few things in catholicism. If you want to know the truth behind the catholic religion, go to Then, on the site type in Are Roman Catholics Christians and click on the first link you see, also type in on the site the death cookie and click on the first link you see that, also. You will find out the truth if you read those two tracts! Like i said, it's not an attack, the LORD is just trying to save you from eternal death. Also, about the Michael Jackson thing, it's perfectly true! I mean think about it! Many famous folks sell their souls to get fame and fortune! Yeah i know he gave a lot to the poor and made earthly songs, but do you really think that a satanist is really going to blow their cover by coming out and saying they sold their soul or that they're satanists? No! Also, like i said, i know he gave too the poor and all that stuff, but good deeds DO NOT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN AT ALL! IF YOU ARE SAVED,IT ONLY BUILDS UP ON YOUR REWARDS IN HEAVEN. Michael Jackson never ever got saved! Believe me, I know! Satan does that all the time! That's how he gets so many people trapped! He comes in a friendly-looking way, but once you're in, it's gonna be hard to get out of it! Also, about the eight year old, it's true! It is clearly stated in the bible that once you know about good and evil, it's which path u choose at that young age that will determine if you're going to heaven or hell IF you were to die at a young age like that eight year old here in this testimony. I mean, let's be real, there are very EVIL or SATANIC children out there! And there are your good children too! I mean, when i was around the age of three or four, I already knew about GOD, JESUS, and satan, but I of course, LOVED AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE JESUS! I knew about satan and all that evil stuff, but i wanted to serve JESUS! So, once you know the difference between good and evil, GOD or satan, that's when you choose which path you're going on. So, there's no actual age of accountability, the LORD goes by your knowledge, but that is ONLY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! I MEAN, LET'S BE REAL, I DON'T THINK THE LORD WOULD ALLOW EVIL CHILDREN INTO HEAVEN! But for teens on up, the LORD goes by if you have accepted JESUS as LORD and SAVIOUR!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... It's a divine intervention.... Thank you Lord

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes this is an idiot. NOBODY qualified to verify death, and her parents left her body on the floor 23 hours... Really??? Horrible mother, she should be punished. Children n hell at 8 years old for a parents mistakes? Are you honestly saying god is an incoherent asshole? Well screw you for suggesting such. God is strict, not a jerk. I mean seriously people. The only one of those I could believe is the pope. And that is mostly because Catholicism is an evil perversion of Christianity. Give me a freaking break. I dont remember the lord saying "that'll shalt not watch cartoons and eat cereal."

Anonymous said...

Time is now not tomorrow not next week lets Repent and accept Our Lord as Our Personal savior.. O Lord forgive Me for my Sins and Give Me Strength, Wisdom and Increase My Faith for You O Lord.. Thank you for your Mercy, taking Care of My Family and Friends, keep on blessing Me In the Mighty NAME Of JESUS CHRIST I PRAY, AMEN.

berthamukomango said...

I believe u..may GOD bless u. I see the holy spirit... His amazing.

Anonymous said...

God bless you i honestly think you should reread this i think you might have misunderstood the point God is a loving God an awesome God we are the ones that make mistakes we hold the choice he weeps for us and tries with us but at the end it is our choice and i pray God touches your heart.

Anonymous said...

for this wonderful testermony ....I wish this girl Angelica the best in her testermony. I believe in what she saw and experience.The message is that, time is short and Jesus is comng soon,...the question is....are you ready to meet him ...are we spritually prepared?...are we walking on the right path....I take my hat off for her for coming out and testify what Jesus has told her...for myself I am Happy and thankful reading this ..It does not only making me to be good but I do realize that what ever is said in the bible is true and makes myself as a christian to better my life spitually and to be closer to my God...Jehovah...and prepare myself for that day ...because that day is trually coming.....wheather we like it or not....Jesus is coming ,nobody knows the bible says even he himself does not know ..only the Father [Jehovah] knows..... may God bless us all.

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