Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hacking Software for Email Password

The internet has various websites that sell the hacker software and some websites that provide them for free. But before you download them from the web you need to be careful if the software is really genuine. Though there are websites that claim to provide the free email password hacker software, some experts allege that there is no such software that can readily provide the email password to the hackers.

Hacking has become quite easy these days, no matter if it is hacking an email password or a computer password. Professional hackers have devised many methods of hacking one’s email, though there are enough precautionary measures taken by the victim. One of the easiest methods of hacking into others’ email account is the employment of the email password hacking software. These password hacking software help in the hacking of the passwords of the victims through which you can gain access to the email account.

The best method of hacking into the email account of the victim is by utilizing a key logger, also called key stroke logger. This is a simple program that has every keystroke on the computer’s keyboard recorded. You need not be an expert hacker to make use of this method. The key logger takes just a few minutes to be installed on a computer after which you can hack into others’ email accounts. Though the software for the key logger does not really help in password hacking, you can gain direct access to the email accounts of the victim.

Best key logger program for email hacking

There are many key logging programs that can work best with the different operating systems. Some of them are as follows.

SniperSpy – This key logger program is best for the Windows operating system and Mac too. This can help you out even if you do not have direct access to the target’s computer as there is support for the Remote Install Feature. This is advantageous as it runs on a stealth mode and your presence cannot be detected and is also easy to use.

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Spratly said...

i have once been hacked in facebook and i admin that i hate i. all my belt pouch has been deleted and so as my shoes image collection. :(

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