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Top 15 World Most Extravagant Wedding

1. Princess Salama to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
$100 million, 1981 (today's dollars)
To hold a really large wedding it helps to have a large venue, such as the 20,000-seat stadium specially built for the now-ruler of Dubai for his 1981 wedding to Princess Salama.

2. Charles, Prince of Wales, to Diana Spencer
$70 million, 1981 (today's dollars)
There are special expenses when royalty weds, including mob control. Part of the millions spent on the fairy-tale wedding of the decade was allotted to ensure tight crowd surveillance. The joy of the occasion would later turn to ashes, proving that the amount spent on the wedding does not necessarily equate to the likelihood it will succeed.

3. Vanisha Mittal to Amit Bhatia
$60 million, 2005
Six days, 100 guests, the Palace of Versailles, free jet transportation to France for the ceremonies, five-star hotels, fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, can-can girls, all these expenses add up--in this case, a total of $60 million.

4. Aleksandra Nikolic to Andrey Melnichenko
$30 million, 2005
Entertainment was an important part of the wedding between this Russian billionaire and model, with performances by Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Julio Iglesias, each of whom raked in an estimated $3.6 million for the gig.

5. Priya Sachdev to Vikram Chatwal
$20 million, 2006
Take 600 guests for a 10-day wedding celebration and jet them from city to city in India, and you have the foundation for an over-the-top opulent wedding. Chatwal (nicknamed the "turban cowboy"), owner of luxurious hotels such as Dream New York, managed to bring the event in at a tidy $20 million.

6. Coleen McLoughlin to Wayne Rooney
$8 million, 2008
When you're a soccer star like Wayne Rooney, you get paid $4 million by a magazine like OK! for exclusive access to your wedding. Rooney made the wedding a week-long celebration for 65 of the couple's closest friends, on the Italian Riviera.

7. Delphine Arnault to Alessandro Vallarino Gancia
$7 million, 2005
When one of the richest women in France marries the heir to an Italian wine dynasty, one would expect certain extravagances in the ceremony, such as a reception at the Chateau d'Yquem, home of the world's most famous sauterne wine.

8. Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky
$5 million, 2010
The world watched Chelsea Clinton grow up, but when it came time to wed, the nuptials were performed in front of a much smaller audience at the Astor Courts estate in New York, built originally for John Jacob Astor IV.

9. Trista Rehn to Ryan Sutter
$4 million, 2003
Talk about having a large audience for your wedding--Rehn and Sutter, who met on the ABC show The Bachelorette, were married in front of 17 million viewers, with the $3.7 million price tag paid for by the network.

10. Liza Minnelli to David Gest
$3.5 million, 2002
With Michael Jackson as best man and a host of the famous, from Elton John to Barbara Walters, in attendance, who would have thought that Minnelli's fourth wedding, to the tune of $3.5 million, would be in shambles less than a year and a half later?

11. Salma Hayek to François-Henri Pinault
$3.5 million, 2009
In the famous Venice opera house Teatro La Fenice, Hayek and Pinault were wed in the presence of entertainment royalty, including Bono, Penélope Cruz and Woody Harrelson, who helped lead the attendees in singing the non-operatic "Over the Rainbow."

12. Paul McCartney to Heather Mills
$3 million, 2002
If all you need is love, how to explain the need to spend around $3 million on your wedding? Sir Paul didn't skimp on his second marriage. Pity that it only lasted six years.

13. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Wrestling
$2.6 million, 2010
The princess married her fitness trainer, despite protestations from her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf. That didn't keep a bevy of European royalty from attending the most elaborate royal wedding in Europe since that of Prince Charles and Lady Di.

14. Elizabeth Hurley to Arun Nayar
$2.5 million, 2007
Not one, but two ceremonies: a traditional Anglican wedding in an English castle, followed by a week of celebrations and a Hindu ceremony in Nayar's home town of Jodhpur, India.

15. Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise
$2 million, 2006
The ceremony may have been Scientologist, but the amenities were strictly traditional upper class--a castle in Italy, a star-studded guest list, Armani for the entire wedding party, and Andrea Bocelli to entertain.

Do you think Prince William and Kate's Wedding well be added to the Most Extravagant Weddings in the World?

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