Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tips in Creating Ringtones Using Windows Movie Maker

Aren't you tired of buying ring tones for about, lets say $2.00 for 30 seconds? Well, I am going to tell you how to create them using windows movie maker, yes windows movie make.

To create a ring tones by yourself is a simple task. All you will need are the current programs and items

ü Windows movie maker( Should come with XP)

ü A Phone

ü Transfer device (USB Cable, Memory card, Memory stick, etc.)

ü Jodix Free WMA to MP3 Converter (Will give link)

So that is all you need, just those four things. So let's get started.

• Ok first you going to want to download the Jodix converter. Just simply go to, and scroll down until you see WMA to MP3 converter, once spotted download.
• Once that is done you have all you need. Find the current song that you will like to turn into an mp3 ring tone to put on your cell phone. Once found add to your desktop for easy access.

• When you have done that open windows movie maker, and look on the left hand side where it says, Movie task, and capture video under it, then click on Import Audio or music. Then import the song that is located on your desktop.

• After you have imported the song keep playing it, and clipping it until you get the ring tone you want. The Clip symbol is to the right of the forward symbol on the preview monitor (WARNING: Most phones request a certain size for an audio to be set to a ring tone, so the ring tone should be 40 seconds or less.)

• The ring tone has now basically been completed, all you have to do is drag the audio that you clipped and is now a ring tone to the timeline. Repeat Drag to the timeline. Once there you can judge if you want it to fade out or fade in.

• That has been finished, so now you go back to movie task and scroll down to finish movie, then click save to computer. When it asks where to save, save to desktop.

• Now the last step is to take the ring tone, which should be a. WMA file on your desktop and open Jodix and convert it into a MP3. Tell jodix to save the new, fresh ring tone to the desk top, and it should have song name .MP3. Now all you have to do is get it to your phone. This can be done by email too..

This is how to create youre ringtone..
if you think this is usefull leave a comments guys.. thanks


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