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Tips on Creating Video Photo Montage Using Windows Movie Maker

A video photo montage can make sharing your pictures a fun event for any occasion. Today more and more photo montages are being seen at wedding receptions and birthday parties. Video services can charge a good sum of money to create a photo montage, so why not try it yourself for free!

Windows Movie Maker comes free with Windows XP and provides an easy interface for setting you pictures to music to create a video photo montage. All that is needed are the pictures and music you want to used and stored in youre computer.

Open Movie Maker through the Start menu: Start->Programs->Accessories->Windows Movie Maker. In the Movie Maker window take note of the Collections, Preview and Timeline panes. The Collections pane will be where your imported pictures and music will be displayed for use in the video. The Preview pane will show a preview for how the finished video will look. And the Timeline pane at the bottom is where you will add your pictures and music to create your photo montage.

First, you will need to import your pictures and music. To do this, go to the File menu and click on “Import into Collections.” In the import box, navigate to where your pictures and music files are stored on your computer and double click on those that you wish to import. The imported files will be displayed and ready for use in the Collections pane. Once you have all the pictures and music you want in your photo montage it is time to add them to the timeline.

To add picture to your timeline, simply drag the pictures (holding the left mouse button down) to the “Video” line of the timeline. By default each picture should take up five second of the timeline. You can change the duration by selecting the picture on the timeline and increasing or decreasing its length. The mouse cursor will change to a double red arrow while changing the duration
Once you have your pictures inserted on the timeline you can add some music. Simply drag the music file displayed in the Collections pane to the “audio/music” line of the timeline. Make sure that the insert point (represented by the vertical blue line) coincides with the beginning of the first picture so that the music will begin to play at the beginning of the video photo montage. Depending on the number of pictures, you may need to add more music clips or shorten the duration of you music clip. Should you need to shorten the clip you can select the clip and with your cursor at the end of the clip it should change to the double red arrow. While the cursor is the double red arrow hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the left. Use the vertical blue bar to help align the end of the music clip with the end of the last picture in the video line.

Now that your pictures and music are in sync it is time to preview your video photo montage. Click on the “rewind timeline” button just above the timeline. This will start the preview at the beginning. Next, click on the “play” button next to the “rewind timeline” button. In the preview pane you can watch the photo montage play.

To save your video photo montage as a project file so you can edit it later go to the File menu and click “Save Project”. To save the finished photo montage click on “Save Movie File” in the File menu and follow the steps in the wizard to save it as an avi file. You can choose to watch the video in Windows Media Player after it is saved.

If you would like to make your photo montage more interesting you might want to play around with the video transition effects in Windows Movie Maker. To access the transitions go to the Tools menu and click on “Video Transitions”. To add any of the transitions to your photo montage you need only drag the desired transition to the “transition” line of the timeline and insert it between the desired pictures. One thing that is important to note while doing this is that it will decrease the time of the video and you will need to adjust your music clip accordingly

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